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the first world problem 90s are facing in singapore?

Friday, October 14, 2016

I read an article on Singapore being one of the most educated nation- it is true. Well, almost everyone have a degree certification that it seems like a mandatory criteria to barely meet the stringent criteria of employers.

Growing up in Singapore, most parents would urge their children to study hard, get into a reputable school, and a high flying career. As at 2016, barely scraping through years of studies, I reached the working world, fully claiming the title of “a full grown adult”. Sounds great? More freedom? Definitely. Trade off? More responsibilities – finances, family, finding your other half, adapting to a new environment. The list adds on.

A “country bumpkin” entering the “big apple” – here comes the first world problems. Struggling with the ever competitive economy in Singapore, I fall into the average category, nowhere here nor there, regretting not studying harder then, and blaming the insufficient self with lack of capabilities unlike the brainy ones out there. Hiring freeze, bonus freeze, declining remunerations, and the very worse for some, jobless.

I have seen many struggle with their jobs, and many leave because they are jaded with the long working hours, repetitive routine work, unedifying job tasks, of course, stagnant pay. The problems are so real, I started to feel younger with more breakouts and hair loss, as if studying stress was back, but now worse.

However, while we are turmoil in our own perplex situation, we forgot how we used to have our carefree childhood years back. Living in Singapore, a place of adequacy and security (yes, more rules), it gives us a safe place to stay in. Hurricanes? Earthquakes? Tsunami?  None. Well, maybe some train breakdowns here and there. But that’s aint too bad right? (except when you’re running late for work)

Jokes aside. This is Singapore. Where you can go out late at night, jogging or running in your “slightly revealing” sports attire, and still feel safe. Where you can go out for late night supper or chill with your friends anywhere. In our transition stage of life, let us shed our burden, clear our minds, reconnect back with your friends, and enjoy life as it is indeed too short for regrets.

Take a break, enjoy your life, see the world, and come back stronger!

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