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Monday, August 01, 2016

NDP 2016
Singapore National Day Parade 2016

Taken using my iPhone - by me

I am very blessed to have a ticket to the NDP 2016 this year. It was held at the Sports Hub National Indoor Stadium.

So, there are many complains of not being able to see the fireworks, missing the parachute jumps, the tanks, and all that we have been seeing for years.

I do admit there are pros and cons about this.

However, I assure you that the light shows are amazing. I love the unicorn especially! Shall not do much spoiler since Actual day is not here yet.

I would love to give some background info or advice to those who are going to NDP 2016 on 9th August 2016.

9 tips before going for NDP 2016

1. What time do you have to be there by?
Gate opens by 4pm. It is free seating. So, to get the optimal seats, do go there early. 

2. Will NDP parade be hot and sticky like other years?
It's air conditioned. (hurray!) Enjoy the parade in comfort! If you are sick or super scared of cold, bring a cardigan. I didn't though. Maybe because I was too enthu in singing. teehee.

3. Where to get the NDP goodie bags?
The bags are placed on every seat (either white or red colour), Just grab your ticket, and enter.

4. What to bring to NDP 2016?
Nothing much except your necessities like ezlink card, wallet, phone, etc. There are 1 big 1 small bottles of water in the bag. To see what's provided, click here! Do carry light as not much space available around you. 

5. Should I eat dinner before NDP parade?
For me, I queued for Burger King before the parade (thus I got seats 6 rows from the front, good seats taken up). A meal cost me $9. So, if you get hungry, bring your own food or buy ur dinner at eat while you're waiting for the parade to start. Else, get someone to reserve seats for you while you queue for food. Food queues at Kallang Wave mall are super duper long. Even Old Chang Kee. If you can tolerate 2 hours, then just go and chope your seats!

6. Seatings / Floor Plans of NDP 2016 Sports Hub Singapore Indoor Stadium
As you can see the colours and numbers. 
Colours: which section you're in
Numbers: the gate you are suppose to enter and sit at that area.

I drew where the stage was, and which is the front. See the tickets and you know roughly where you will be seated.

Try not to sit so near the stage else you can see the overview of the whole performance. There are screens around the stadium if you happen to sit very front like me.

7. Highlights of NDP 2016
Light show displays (It's beautiful!). You can still see the fireworks. Bring your camera (recommend wider angled lens and not super zoomed) if you wish to or just use your phone. I wished I had my camera x better seat. But oh well, make do with what I have.

8. How long does NDP 2016 last?
It starts around 6.30pm, and ends roughly 8.30pm. 

9. What is the timing of NDP 2016 fireworks?
It starts at 8.09pm and 8.13pm on preview 1. For preview 2, it starts roughly around 8.12pm and 8.20pm thereabout. Not sure if the timings for actual day will differ. Those doing photography outdoors, be there before 8pm. But to get good spots, go even earlier.

Lastly, enjoy NDP parade. Going back was smooth as the organizing committee and team was great! We don't have to queue that long just to enter into Stadium MRT. Directions was clear and there are staffs stationed everywhere for you to approach for directions. Loving the light shows!


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