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Tang Jai Yoo at Bangkok's Chinatown (MUST EAT!)

Saturday, June 06, 2015

TANG JAI YOO (or Tang Chai U)
85-87 Soi Yaowaphanit, off Thanon Yaowarat
Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100

Tel: +66 (0) 2224 2167/+66 (0) 81753 0100
(Nearest MRT: Hua Lamphong)
**BTS map attached at the end of the post

Opening hours: 
Sun - Sat 
11:00 - 14:00
16:30 - 22:00

Cab/Taxi: about 150baht from Pratunam area for fixed price. If by meter it would be cheaper (less than 100baht). Direct uncle to Yaowarat Rd. But for ease, I recommend to call the restaurant number, request the restaurant ppl to tell directions. Rmb to put on loudspeaker for driver to hear. 

Front of the restaurant
Tang Jai Yoo is a chinese restaurant with in Bangkok's Chinatown. They serve some amazing food and I totally recommend anyone who visits Bangkok, to travel down to Chinatown and dine here. A bonus is, it's air-conditioned! Imagine how hot the weather is at Bangkok!

Some of my friends kept wanting to try their popular Suckling Pig at this place. 
For 7 of us, we paid SGD$17 each for:
1. Suckling pig
2. Fried oyster omelette
3. Stir Fry Kai lan with garlic
4. Kang kong (not sambal but chilli and fish sauce)

On the left is the street u should enter in from. 
 I did not take many pictures as I'm too tired from whole day's walking. But let me say some main points.


This is a die-die must order dish. I mean, from the picture you can clearly see how FAT, JUICY, FRESH AND DELICIOUS these oysters taste. YES, it's superrrrrrrrr delicious. I have friends, who do not take oyster due to fishy smell or the shrunken once we find in most places, LOVED this dish! 

Fried Oyster omelette. see howwww fat these oysters are!!!
It's awesome~~
 The smooth exterior, the juice that burst once you bite it. Amazing. dipped with a little bit of chilli sauce for those who like, PERFECT. The amount of starch is not overly spammed, which I really prefer. The ones I've tried tend to add lots of starch in it. This tops my list of Fried Oyster Omelette. 


I wouldn't recommend this dish as the kai lan taste much better. It's a little different from the usual Sambal kang kong we get in Singapore. It has a tangy fish sauce taste and a little spicy. Not that flavourful as I thought it would be. 

Kang Kong. Not too bad..


This is a thumbs up! I thought the kang kong dish will turn out better. But this beats kang kong hands down. I'm pretty sure the fish sauce used are the same? But yet the taste is very different probably added some mushrooms in it and their own secret recipe sauces? It taste not too salty, crunchy, simple yet you will want for more.

Recommend to order this dish if you are there!

Baby Kai Lan. Thumbs up!


This is what the restaurant is famous for, their suckling pig. We finally got to try and wow, it's yummylicious!

STAR OF THE SHOW - Suckling Pig!

Why it's good?
 First, crispy skin. They will serve the whole dish for diners to eat the crispy skin. Fats have been mostly removed from the skin and sliced uniformly. I dislike if the skin is still coated with lots of fats. This almost have none! 

You can choose to wrap with the popiah skin and scallions they provided with the sweet sauce, or just plainly like this. 

super super crispy!

done within a few minutes!
 After clearing the skins, we were given the option to stiry fry the remaining meat with either chilli or garlic. 

We went ahead with garlic.

stir fry with garlic
 I kind of expect the meat to be tough or dry but it turns out tender! It's a little salty but with rice, it's fine. Drizzled with fried garlic, it heightens the taste of this dish and long before I knew, everything was gone haha.

Tender pork!

Add caption

At the end of the meal, we were given a small plate of sugar coated fried taro, and some fruits (i think there were fruits).

Overall, I feel that the price $17 per person, is very reasonable. It includes our drinks as well. 

Now on how to get there. Easiest way is to take a cab. Directions at the header of this post. 
Else, below is the BTS/MRT Map of Bangkok. The station you wish to alight is Hua Lamphong. However, from that station, you will still need to cab as it's a distance away. Unless pratunam area is jamming, else I'll recommend just cabbing to the restaurant.

The ones circled in blue (BTS Siam and BTS Chit Lom) are the stations at Pratunam area. 

Click to enlarge.

Google Map for you guys.
Just load this page, and click on this map, it should open your google map app on your phone and load the address.

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Till then, enjoy Bangkok!

xx, Charisseyl

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