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What I did for Chinese New Year 2015

Sunday, March 08, 2015


This one of the most emotional year for my loved ones. We had experience many tribulations that we could not phantom. But, it's reality.

A quiet affair for CNY but we never forget to fill ourselves with gratefulness and love. 

So, how did I spend my CNY? Selfie, OOTDs, Selfie, OOTDs. HAHA.

My grandparents' house is located at a mature estate. There are hidden beautiful corners that held so many memories for me as I used to stay walking-distance away. 

(photos are not in chronological order)

I think we pretty much had lots of fun just self-entertaining and having fun with each other. 

Below is my little cousin (who grew up to not so little haha) who took my shots for me and vice versa. Look how beautiful she grew up to be :)

Since no visitation for us this year, we hit the River Ang Bao along MBS. 

Mummies OOTD!

And some of the cousins! Bro really been blessed to have quite a few bookouts ever since he enlisted. Pray for his constant protection and strength to combat upcoming xiongness at BMT!

This is probably one of the most elaborate River Ang Bao I've seen. 

BUT THIS, is disappointing. They said 9pm there's fortune shower which ended up showering 3 shots of 5-secs worth of confetti. Plus, due to the wind, and the mini confetti, none of it could be photographed.......

Rolling back a day, CNY eve spending reunion with maternal side. Loves grandma xx An amazing woman and child of God!

Though buffet wasn't that good and too costly (little spread and I meant, really little, and cost $90++ per person) but, the gathering means another thing - Bonding. Well that's what reunion is all about right?

My complete family xoxo


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