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What I'm up to for the past month -Trek, Ran, Wakeboard

Sunday, December 07, 2014

It has really really been a busy month. And tat bit's leaning towards instagram as it's sooooo usable on phone! 
Trying to be active in many ways and glad to always have companions with me! 

Not in chronological order...


When it's with this lovely bunch of friends, it's always fun with extra fun! So, 2 went overnight fishing, 6 joined the following morning for some cycling. 
It's aint easy cycling on uneven ground with loose rocks, a pending thunderstorm, bicycles with brake problems, and.... 3 girls. Chuckles.
And C actually commented that the guys will cycle faster without us! (the girls!!) So encouraging uh??

Nonetheless we made it! With some bearing scratches and minor wounds/scratches. But thank God, nothing too serious. 
We had some sightseeing with wildboars too! They didn't attack us like Jack Neo's movie. And we spotted a baby one! 

Word of caution: Wear sports shoe for better grip, or even a covered shoe. Bring ponchos in case it rains, and lots of drinking water!


Mooooooo. (not really sure how a bull sounds but shrugs).
Took part in this 5km run organised by SGX for Charity every year. This is our first time participating for most of us and it's a good break from work!

Running (well mostly walking teehee) with friends are soooo much fun  as you can chit chat and time passes sooo fast you wouldn't know it's already the end. 
Very memorable day becauseeee.....

 I took photo with CEO [fangirl]!!!!
we look kinda small and he has to bend down. Really friendly :)

and......Had such a great bunch of friends running together! xx

TRIO -triplethefun!
okay fine, and food and drinks and GAMES! asides from the squashed-forgotten-banana I left in my race-pack-bag.....and....i know you guessed what happened.... hee...

But but, the aftermath was even more exciting as we went to eat some shiok stingray, satays, lala, and more! Too famished to take any photo soooooo.........

(Ryders @ punggol)

and yes, wakeboarding! Never dream I would actually try this out cos I'll be toasted in the peaking sun! {I don't wanna be dark!!} It's singaporeeeeee!!!! However, I guess I'm a little kind of yea, ONZ. so, there I am landed with weird tan lines on my legs due to the length of my pants plus laughs from the rest. 

The sea isn't that clean when you fall into the water and an empty bottle or half broken styrofoam box floats past you, and you happen to just fell into the water, gulping down tons of water by mouth, and NOSE.

The saltiness level is x999999999999999999999 of the saltiest water you've drank. It's tremendouly salty it hurts ur eyes, nose (you'll choked alot) and mouth. Especially for first timer like us, we drank lots of it on our first few tries. 

For this sports, I would say, the shorter the better? as the center of gravity of lower... so you should know who's our prodigy from the photo....heehee...

But well, I guess balancing, arm and leg strengths plays alot of part which I totally lack of strength! If I will to try it again, probably do it in clearer cleaner waters overseas. 
Memorable experience though with our instructor though during training I was kind of sad when I'm floating alone in the water, with the girls selfie-ing on the boat, and instructor telling me "if you're not gonna try stand, I can't help you" [heart shatters]

HAHAHA. {kiddin}

But our instructor's quite a nice funny guy! $400 for 4 hours! Try it if.... you don't mind drinking salty water, or if you are experience with wakeboarding.

Oh yea, forgot to mention.
While floating in the water, don't be surprise if a fish jumps up in front of you. HAHA.

Till then, xx

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