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My experience with Rasa Fitness Review

Friday, August 29, 2014

Rasa Fitness Review

One word that summarised this whole post. Disappointed.
Conclusion: Class empty. I was not informed at all. 

It's gonna be a long post on what happened. Please bear with me.

I was looking for some fitness classes to try out. Groupon often offers many deals and this one caught my attention. They have kickboxing classes which is something I'm really interested in. Thus, I got one of my girls to join with me, and proceed in purchasing 2 Pax deal for $70 consisting of 8 lessons.

I purchased the deal around end of June (about 29 June 2014) and once I received my voucher, I immediately whatsapp the number stated on the voucher. It states that I have to sms or whatsapp the given number to book my classes. Thus I did. It's not easy to coordinate as my friend and I have different working hours. The only common timing we could make it was Saturday morning. 

The fine print on the groupon voucher:

Through whatsapp, I was informed that July classes on weekends were full for kickboxing and the person who was conversing with me suggested to make August booking instead. I agreed.

I opted for every Saturday morning kickboxing class from August to September which by then would complete my 8 classes within 12 weeks as required.

To be really fair, the person who liaise with me sounded really helpful and approachable.

He/She handled my enquiries well enough and even told me that they can work on booking August to Sept Saturday slots for me. I really appreciate their help on this and was looking forward to start my first class.

(Skip to 3) for the turn of events)

1) 29 June: They told me they could work on arranging my friend and I under waiting list for July's Saturday Kick boxing classes. Meanwhile they will work on booking August-Sept Saturday classes for us.

I was so thankful for their kind service and attitude. They sounded really nice.

I blanked the security code out to prevent anyone from using as the deal is still ongoing.

I really appreciate when they inform me about other classes that are opened to Groupon customers and kindly arrange my request for Aug to Sep every Saturday for kick boxing classes. 

I'm pasting the full conversation here to make it clearer. I was really impressed by the person who liaised with me and how friendly he or she is.

2) 5 July: As the date draws near, and I'm under waiting list for kick boxing classes for July, I decide to ask them whether there are slots available.

Didn't get a reply till the next day when I sent another message over. 

Fair enough that they'll book closer to the date. I was informed (as below) that our names are filled in the kick boxing classes that we want. Was also advised to double check in Mid July. 

3) 15 July: I sent a message over again, to reconfirm our slots. Exactly mid July. Really can't wait to start class as I'm really interested in doing some kick boxing classes. 

They informed me that our names are in, and to send them the QR code on the Groupon voucher. Though in the fine prints, it is not stated that QR code is needed, but since they requested, den so be it. 

If Rasa Fitness really need it, please do tell Groupon to state it as one of your terms and condition. 

So apparently as you can read, this is the second time that they confirmed our names are in for the classes we want. 

4) Thus, on the 2nd August, the first Saturday of August, where I booked our class on, my friend and I excitedly woke up early to go for the class. It's situated in Peninsula Shopping Centre, just beside Funan IT Mall. It's just a studio room. No reception or fitness centre.

However upon reaching the venue (Peninsula Shopping Centre), I find that the class is empty. Lights off, door closed, not a single soul. Since there's just only a room, there's no one I could ask.

Thus I proceed with whatsapping the same number. And below are the conversation....

I was informed that MY NAME IS NOT IN THE LIST!!!

What went through my head was: WHAT?!?!?!?! You told me TWICE that my friend's and my name was in the list. I even reconfirmed. Yet now you tell me that my name is not in the list?

I went back to search and screenshot the previous conversation with them to proof that they did tell me our names are in the class list. 

Then, they apologised, blaming on the person who hand over to him/her. 
Yes, though they apologised, but shouldn't they do something about it? 
Customer Service Recovery????

NOPE. They didn't. 

Yes I'm aware that they apologised. But as a customer, how your management runs, is none of my business. 

They should not have brought in their internal affairs as a reason for this situation my friend and I have encoutered. It made us feel that Groupon customers are not important and customer service remedy is not needed.

And then again, they blame it on the previous lady, indicating that there's nothing they can do. 

You see, why I'm mad is because my 8 classes are to be finished in 12 weeks was one of the conditions of this voucher. Saturday morning is the only time I could make it. Moreover, it's hard to get common timing between my friend and I. Aug to Sep's Saturday mornings fits us the best. 

I would really appreciate if they stop emphasizing on the previous lady/girl that they hired, and who inefficient she was. Because that's really a very lousy excuse. 

Besides, the lady who I reconfirmed the class with sounded really friendly and nice and made me look forward to the classes. she even promoted events that Rasa Fitness has as an effort to pull in sales.

Like I say, never involve your customers into your own internal business affairs and management. It's definitely not a valid reason to explain to your customer in this situation.

The sentence that made me most mad is: But the girl has resigned so I can't do much to pursue. 
What is the point even if she's still around and you found out that she forgot to fill our names in the class list?  

Shouldn't you be customer focus and try to salvage the situation? 
Yes I understand that they have apologised. But still, saying you could do nothing and telling me it has "never happened before" serve no purpose for me. I'm still stuck with the situation.

What I would deem reasonable if:

a) They could at least informed me what is the earliest class they have that we could make it, and I could at least discuss right on the spot with my friend and hopefully arrange another day for make up class. NO, they didn't.

b) They could offer to extend the voucher validity by extending another week or two so we could finish our 8 classes within 13 or 14 weeks instead of 12. Reasonable, no loss for them also. NOPE, they didn't.

c) They could offer to let us try 1 type of class as a replacement, that is not opened to Groupon members,  as a compensation such as yoga class. No loss for them in my opinion. NOPE, they didn't. 

d) If they really wish to retain customers and entice people to join them, they could even offer an additional class to us as a compensation. None at all!!!


As I've never signed up for these kind of classes before, I'm not sure if there will be class on 9 August.

As quoted from 4), Rasa Fitness told me (on that fateful day, 2nd Aug) that classes resume on the coming tues and saturday:

(Paste below for easy reference)

HOWEVER, on 29 July, I remembered 9 August is a public holiday. So I enquired on their facebook page to ask if classes will be open on that day. 

One lady (which I believe to be one of the instructors of Rasa Fitness) kindly informed me that all studios closed on PH. 

Image can be enlarged.

Which then later, they posted on their facebook page that studio will be closed on 9 August.

Image can be enlarged.

Now is quite contradicting to what they told me on that fateful day that classes are resumed even on Saturday, which is 9 August.......

(Thumbs up!!!!)

The whatsapp conversation ended there as I don't think anything would surface even if I continued conversing with them. I called Groupon immediately and explained my situation to them.

Groupon really made my day. Their customer service officers are really good. First lady who spoke to me, Lynn, on that very day (2 Aug, 11.15am), was emphathetic towards my situation and clearly directed me on how I should appeal my case for a refund. 

Serena who then liaised with me on my situation. She did told me that this voucher is transferable and I could pass it to my friends or famly members. But how could I? After all I've been encoutered, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. She understands and proceed to arrange a refund for me. 

Really thumbs up for both of them! I hope Groupon can find my post and commend these 2 ladies. I have even wrote good feedbacks at Groupon survey for both of them! Really appreciate good Customer recovery and efficient service from Groupon!!!

Now, I'm currently attending Yoga classes and it has been a very pleasant experience for me. No complains at all. Appreciate how friendly their consultants, receptionists and instructors are. I'm looking into their packages and probably signing one up. 


Yes, possibly I may be the only unlucky person to face such situation. I tried googling about Rasa Fitness before buying the voucher. However, I did not see any reviews at all. I went to their facebook page and it seems reliable. Even the lady who resigned who liaised with me sounded really nice. 

I hope girls out there will not face the same situation as my friend and I. Nonetheless, lets all keep fit together! :)

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