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Sunday, June 22, 2014


Bedok Mall, 311 Upper Changi Rd, #B2-20
Singapore 467360
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm

If you crave for sushi, yet it does burn a hole in your pocket, there's a getaway! 

I'm probably slow, but yes! There has been quite a few outlets of sushi express store selling sushi at 50c per piece! How cheap is that!!! The quality is not that bad too! 

Here at Bedok, I chance another 50c sushi outlet, Junshin Express. Compared to the one I saw at Woodlands, this outlet has quite a few interesting, or rather, bizarre (to me) sushi flavors. 

Common ones you see are salmon, egg, crab stick, octopus, and so on. But what you see more are flavors like....

Banana mayo.... 

Dragon fruit...


Green apple...


And many more like shiitake, bell peppers, otah, and many many others! They have a few tamaki rolls, and some cold side dishes too at a really affordable price. 

While these other interesting flavors look so cool, I still chose my most favorite, seasoned baby octopus sushi! Best and no1 most favorite sushi :) 

And just along Bedok mall, is the well known Bedok interchange Hawker Centre. 

You can often see people gorging out here at foods with pocket friendly prices. Downside is probably the humid weather we have here in Singapore. 

M E I  X I A N G 
Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre
Blk 207, New Upper Changi Road, #01-57
Singapore 460207
11am - 11pm daily

Not knowing what to eat, we just randomly see which catches our eyes and ordered. Naturally a prawn lover, I chose prawn mee.

Personally I have quite a heavy flavoured taste buds. Usually I'll order the dry version as I love spices and sauces! 

This is how it looks like before it gets mixed up. Love kuay Tiao or bee hoon as it's lighter and not so starchy. Portions were rather generous for a bowl costing $3. 

Soup were given in a small bowl and C requested for an extra bowl as he knows I love to drink them!

The prawns were not very fresh, and the seasoning weren't very tasty. There were lacking of some flavours. Chilli weren't that spicy. 

The good side was the soup is really good. You can taste the prawn fragrance in it with a little peppery taste! 

Thus we resorted to this...

Now I know why I spot many people eating the soup version of prawn mee instead of the dry ones. 

If you do head down to eat this, I'll definitely recommend the soup version one. 

H I L L  S T R E E T 
Bedok South Market & Food Centre
16 Bedok South Road, #01-187
10.30am - 6pm, Closed on Monday

Famous famous famous!!! Definitely seem a long queue and waited about half hour to place our order. 

Been hearing good reviews about hill street Char Kway Tiao that I told C I definitely want to try them. 

Spot this row of yellow pillars and you know you're there! 

Many were queuing and ordering, and many were already swallowing down mouthfuls of it. We went down on a Saturday afternoon and it was not crowded at all except for the long queue of this stall! 

For such a long wait, our expectations increased with excitement. On the first glance, it looks so good, glistening with lard and thick pieces of cockles to go with.

There is a good proportion of noodles and kway tiao used. Comparing to the Outram park char kway tiao, this uses lesser lard and has lesser him in them. Definitely a healthier version (but still unhealthy) with dash of green veggies fried with it. While it is quite a good plate of food, I still think the Outram Park Char Kway Tiao wins hands down.

As what my buddy told me, what we love to eat is unhealthy, what we dislike is healthier. With large amount of pork lard, dark sauce and hum used to fry a plate of Char Kway Tiao, Outram Park Char Kway Tiao stall at Chinatown definitely still stays as number one on my list! 

L Y N D A  A N N
Blk 122, Bedok North St 2, #01-98, Singapore 460122
[Tues-Fri]  12pm - 7pm
[Sat] 10am - 4pm

Open for collection on Sunday 10am - 12pm.
Tel: 9679 2041

Being a huge fan of ieatishootipost, and even buying its app, I wanted to try Lynda Ann's rainbow cake. 

To my disappointment, it was all sold out. I was told by the baker that we should have called to reserve before coming. Didn't knew that. 

For those who wish to try their popular rainbow cake, do make a call for reservation way before heading down.

I ended up ordering a really chocolatey cake from them! 

I love it! The chocolate taste so good, and though they recommend eating it hot, I always love my cake cold! (Except for lava cake!) it still taste good and smooth. The sponge cake is soft and rather fluffy. 

Cost about $4 for this slice which is not very cheap. But good price for a good piece of dessert! 

Next stop is at Bedok 85, where most Singaporeans know that there lies many many delicious food.

X I N G  J I
Fengshan Market & Food Centre
Blk 85, Bedok North St 4, #01-07
[Tue-Sun] 5pm - 1am

G recommended this. And C too. G told me this ba chor mee is so different from the ones I always eat. Not knowing how different can a ba chor mee be, I was quite shock when C bought this back. 

This is ba chor mee????

Yes it it! The most traditional kind of ba chor mee. While not liking any form of yellow noodles, the soup is FABULOUS! Chilli slices heightens the taste of the soup and adds a little tanginess to the overall flavour. Not salty, just nice, chewing down on the meatball is a good addition to this simple dish.

Not sure if the meatball is self made or pre ordered, I thought it could be improved! I hope they would have Kway Tiao or bee hoon instead (maybe they do). $3 it is! Do give it a try, sedap!!!

Fengshan Market & Food Centre
Blk 85, Bedok North St 4, #01-09/10

Just really near the ba chor mee lies this popular raved oyster omelette. $3 for a plate! 

Lots of eggs and starch given,  this is the softer chewy version. Do not expect any crispy egg crunchy bites from this. 

What made me kind of disappointed is the oysters. Only 3 were given, and it wasn't that fresh and tasty. Probably fry for a little too long. 

While I perhaps shouldn't expect many oysters from just $3, I would probably pay $5 for the one at Clementi with at least 8 fat juicy oysters and crispy eggs! 

Nonetheless, chilli is not bad, and the taste is quite good! Value for money definitely! ;)

Bedok has lots of good food I have yet to try finish! I heard there are good porridge, chicken wings, and other good oyster omelette! I have yet to try the other stall of ba chor mee too! 

Kind of craving for roti prata, I think I better stop gorging! Hahaha!

Do share with me what else is good and yummy that I can try! Ciao~


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