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Universal Studio Singapore

Saturday, May 24, 2014

(Universal Studio Singapore)

Really really really enjoyed myself today with all the girls (missing A). We had lots of fun snapping pictures, shopping around, and taking some rides together! It's really been long and hard meeting these girls together and releasing all our fatigue at once. 

(drawn by Ramzul)

Coincidentally met my friend at USS. Didn't catch his message on my instagram as I was busy taking photos and walking around. But still, I saw him! Remember him for his great drawing always. Thank you for this amazing first Caricature of myself! He's really friendly, cheery and definitely keep you relax and talking while he draws. 

I had the misconception that I have to stay really still. But I ended up fanning myself away and looking at all other places around me. Drawing done within 10minutes, really fast and awesome! Drawn from scratch (in USS's blank drawing paper)! If you do pop by Universal Studio Singapore, feel free to pop by (near Sesame Street) and get one done! Pricing is stated clearly on a board! :)

Did I mention that lots of tourists came by at different point of time within that 10minutes to peer at me. They all told me it's really nice which kept me soooo curious how it would be like. For those who wish to get one drawn, do let the artist finish the entire art piece before taking a peek. It's easier for them to concentrate and also, lets not spoil the element of surprise till it's done! :)

Adorable minions merchandise that keeps you going "wow!" My kid is so getting this backpack (if I do have a kid in future)

(woody and winnie)

 First picture we took when we entered USS! How can we miss these 2 lovely woodpeckers that are ever so cheerful! Woody thought one of my friends is still a kid as he gave her a pat on her head and waved goodbye! hahahaha!

Tiring days and weeks but all worth for special moments like this. Lets go BABABABABABABA~BABABABABABABANANA! #minions


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