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Jeju-Seoul / An Unforgettable Experience III

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Rose up to a sunny yet cold weather of Jeju. Still couldn't believe I'm there. It's really heartening to be there. This is how our simple coach looks like for the days at Jeju. Happy with it as it provides heater and all to keep us warm!

The pace at Jeju is really more relaxing, people don't seem to be rushing much, and the lifestyle seemed warmer. Even the clouds look pretty!

I'm really not joking about the clouds as you can see it's really really pretty.

Reached our destination where we are going to have our breakfast. It's a simple family-owned eatery where they sell abalone porridge, simple toast and egg.

Despite the cold weather, many still brave the adverse temperature to snap some pretty photos of the sea. 

Such a quiet soothing place. I definitely recommend Jeju for relaxation, and unwinding.

How can I miss a shot with the jetty right? Had a video up on my instagram too when I'm there. It's really cold but all thanks to my down feather jacket that keeps me warm. I don't have to wear super lots of layers like I used too. 

Moreover these boots are a life-saver. Keep you soooooooo warm and soft. There are fur padding inside. And so easy to take out and remove. A little downside is it's a little heavy. But I don't really mind as it keeps my feet warm and toasty!

Lets have some panorama shots of the place. 

See how beautiful this place is. These photos are unedited. Straight from iPhone 5S camera album!

A shot with sis outside this restaurant (not the one we are going to eat)

This is the one we are going to eat at. I'm really not sure where exactly I am as I'm mostly snapping photos in the coach!

But this is one of the best abalone porridge I've tasted in Korea. Highly recommend everyone to try!

Some toast and egg (refillable) probably due to us being in a tour group. Bread is really crispy yet soft. No butter on it if you're curious. and a piece of egg!

Fishcake sides. It's not spicy at all. A little salty. You will see such fishcakes often in Korea!

Kimchi. There are so many versions of kimchi and different people made it differently. It will turn out differently even if it's the same recipe but made by different person. This kimchi is not too spicy nor salty, not too acidic which suits my taste bud though I know acidity comes from the fermenting process.

Greens little dishes.

not sure what's this. seaweed?

Love their aromatic simple coffee. Having cups after cups. Please let me fly back to korea again! #koreafan

Behond the amazing abalone porridge. Though there isn't much abalone in it, it taste delicious, dashed with a little seaweed strips. You can choose to dip your bread in or dip ur bread in coffee. Simply simple blissful breakfast :)

Not to mention, HEALTHY!

Here's their simple kitchen and mama chef! The place was really pretty clean, simple, traditional. I love hygienic places :) Especially anything related to food.

On the road heading to Jeju's teddy bear museum (plus other animal friends). Weather was really kind to us. Don't see much vehicles on the road either!

Here's how the building looks like. It's not the Goong show's teddies I think (didn't see them inside) but pretty much cute teddies are there!

Story of how teddy bear came about.

And here we go! Time to explore!

(missing my long hair!!!!!) Greeted cheerfuly by these 2 bears. that reminds me of alot of unglam shots taken by my bro here.... 

Can I leave to the pictures to do the talking?

Dearest papa with sales teddy.

Can u believe how tall this teddy is? But there's a taller one!

Whattcha looking at?

Kungfu Panda, No?

Resting by the little hut with dad. You know, sometimes it gets tiring. 

They have really amazing little teddies figurines and all. As a lover of teddies (too many teddies at home, and one huge one on my bed), this caught me and felt so overwhelm! 

#singerforlife #justkiddin

Shrek teddies!

Teddies of different countries. Can you spot yours?

Guess what! They gave each of us a small teddy key chain. Sis and I took lots of pictures at the museum and it's such a good experience. didn't get to explore every single bit of it as tour has their time limit (downside of tour package)

Another renown place in Jeju where people flock in for their black pig bbq. I'm sure many have seen their black pigs and eaten their BBQ pork here. It's sooooo delish I could imagine the taste now. Succulent!!!

Our humorous tour guide at this place! :)

She was explaining to us about this place while standing dangerously so high!

I got to admit the pig is kind of cute. keke. Probably it's quite a gentle guy. (or girl?)

A way of how they get water in the past! (The liquid in the tree) Isit water? hahaha.

They brought us in and introduce honey, and other drinks that are good for body. We got them (but wonder where it is kept now!)

The story of the 3 poles!

See the sky!!! Love the blue-ness of it. It's really hard to appreciate things that we see daily. Sometimes, such trips really let us see what we usually don't, notice what we usually missed. Thank God for these times :)

Simple menu, yet it says all.

Rather huge place I must say, very clean and hygienic. They offer simple side dishes but sufficient. A traditional way of eating is to wrap with the leaf, add a slice of garlic (raw) and chilli paste (not spicy)! Warms your tummy!

Really thankful for this wonderful trip. The super delicious black pork that was one of the best food we had as most of the time we ate alot of steamboat. Really healthy eating throughout the trip. It's an amazing trip that we can relax and enjoy. Laughter fills us everyday - incredibly fun and heartwarming journey.

If you ever come to Jeju, BBQ black pork is a must-try. Else you'll regret for lifeeeeeeee!



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