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Kombi Rocks; Hidden Treasure Cafe

Monday, February 24, 2014

Kombi Rocks

Despite staying in north east area for many years, passing by this place numerous times, I fail to notice there's such a gem around this area. Thanks to S who told us about this place! 

Kombi Rocks is a vintage place where you can find some unique items and furnitures around. The decor is a mixture of different vintage items to put together a rustic feel. Hidden at the corner of the shop houses, it is situated just opposite Serangoon Stadium & Swimming Complex. 

If you happen to stay around the area, feel free to take a visit. It's one of the restaurant that has pretty chic vehicles around for phototaking as well. I do recommend this place for blogshops to take some shots as well. 

The menu is simple, and contains a wide range of food and drinks to choose from. Read recommendations to try their Seafood Hor Fun! 

For this time round, we opted for thai cuisine.

There are little live bands going on at night, which I thought it is a pretty good place for relaxation with friends or even alone. The ambience of this place gives a very homely 70s feel where you can just enjoy your mug of beer or a simple cup of tea. Located just along the road, it's pretty cosy and can fit quite a number of people.

Here are the entire menu. I took every page of the menu since it has only a few pages, so you can take your time to browse around and see what they offer!

They have weekday set lunches at affordable prices and even offer a Ride & Dine combo where you just pay $40 on weekdays to be chauffeur to and fro from Kovan/Serangoon station. 6 people which each paying about $6.50 for a fun ride, why not?

Graduation shoots? Pre-wedding shots? Can be done here!

Mains like noodles, hor fun, rice and soups if your taste palate belongs to the traditional kind. 

Home style dishes which looks a little mix from Thai dishes to Chinese cuisines.


and desserts~!

Need catering? They have it too! 

They can organise a retro party for you so any 21st birthday or special events with memorable photos taken? You can give this place a try!

On such a hot sunny day, I opted for this coke float which is super adorable in this glass container. I think it's good to have vintage theme as you can reuse lots of items and create new innovative ideas. The portion of this drink is pretty worth the amount paid. Looking at this makes me crave for it again as these days, weather is so hot and humid. I can feel the haze sneaking in and the air seemed polluted.

Loving the vanilla ice cream which goes so well with coke. 2 generous scoops to go with a pretty pink spoon. I love pink! (#insidersjoke)

Tom Yum soup which is the typical sour spicy soup. It has a little sweet taste to it and pretty much taste average. For those who are afraid of spiciness, do not fret, it's not very spicy. It has ingredients like tomato, fish, dried chilli. Pretty much like this. Clear and thin flavourful soup.

Thai Fish cake. Just 3 slices that made me go huuuuh? It's pretty good, not very crispy but the taste is good. It is not spicy, and probably can dip a little sauce with it. I thought this dish isn't that worth the $ though. 

Condiments they provided. 

I thought this chilli vinaigrette looks pretty interesting like a bottle of orange juice. I don't really take vinegar so I'm unable to give comments regarding this. But it looks as though it would be a little sweet and sour. 

Love this veggie as it's just nice! Not too salty or bland. Crunchy fresh vegetables topped with tomatoes and beancurb skin. Not forgetting mushrooms. I'm not a super veg lover, so if this is good for me, I think it's something you can try!

Typical minced pork with basil leaves. I would rate this probably 6.5/10 as there's nothing special about this. It's quite palatable, but nothing much to it.

I guess their speciality might not be thai food. I would give their Hor Fun a try because it's a recommended dish. I saw quite a number of families dining in here, probably staying around the area. It's a cosy peaceful place to visit and I definitely recommend this place to chill and have some drinks. 

Note the banner in the photo below of the live band :)

The pretty interior of the cafe which totally worth to visit this place!

See how pretty this place is, accent with the bold red wall at the back. It's run by a couple (you can see a newspaper clipping hung on the wall if you are there) but we only manage to see some youngsters running this restaurant. 

Looks how beautiful this car is!

They have more around the back! Volkswagon! 

Do head down and drop by. Try some of their food and share your reviews with me!

  • 66, Yio Chu Kang Road
  • Serangoon, Singapore 545568
  • Phone: +65 62881206 / 90086918



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