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Jeju-Seoul / An Unforgettable Experience II

Sunday, February 23, 2014

I have tons of photos so I guess to blog finish my whole trip, I'm gonna need a few posts.

This marks the arrival of our plane from Gimpo Airport to Jeju. It was just an hour journey and a good time for a short nap because you need to charge up for more walkings and enjoying the weather. Yes, as you can see I went during December, their winter time. It was marvelous though the amount of clothes we had to bring was huge. Nonethless, worth it!

Posting this photo below because I thought that their toilet (In the airport) was kind of pretty with little figurines. Something I've never seen before. Quickly took a snap shot else I fear people wonder why I'm so crazy to take a shot of the toilet!!
Loving (I'm deeply in love with Korea so I'm gonna use this word "Love" often!) korea's toilet especially those with seat warmer, and other functions. It's so comfortable as the weather is so chilly, a warm seat really warms me up. 

Pretty tired out due to the midnight flight from Singapore, to Seoul, and to Jeju. But definitely must take a photo. A photo brings memories. And seeing them makes me feel like I'm back there. 

This is the place you'll arrive after alighting from the plane. It's where you follow the crowd (as usual!) to find your way to the place for luggage collection. 

Something kind of happen because one of my tour member's luggage was broken at the corner. A wheel from the luggage came off due to the rough handling of the luggage most probably. 

But I do understand because firstly, the luggage is a hard case. Secondly, in this cold winter weather, no doubt everyone tries to do it faster to go home to their families. Moreover it's not easy to work in such cold weather. 

They had to file this case for claims if I'm not wrong. But if I'm at the same situation, it definitely would dampen my spirit as it's just only the first day of my trip!

On a side note, I thought the traffic wardens were quite prettily dressed. #rockingtheredoutfit

We took a pretty long walk to the coach. Through this walkway..

and the pretty carpark...

our hands were so cold and we can't wait to board the bus. Throughout our tour, 90% of our time, we only need to sit for about 15mins or less on the bus. Cheers to CTC Travel! :) 

My advice to all is, please wear thick enough when you are going to fly off to a cold country especially during winter. Because wearing too thick in Singapore is soooo hot and stuffy, I didn't wear the thicker clothings beforehand. But sufficient to keep me warm though i still do feel a little cold. 

Eateries, shops along the road that I've only seen on dramas. I guessed I've watched too many dramas that I will always have imaginations about actors and actresses on the streets acting. I do hope I can be part of their production crew and take part in their filming! 

p.s. Kind of fat-hoping to meet Running Man members. HAHAHA. If I do get the chance to, I'll be really super happy!

Just a short while, we had the chance to visit a traditional looking place where it is said to have water flowing against gravity. Only for about I think 100m where water flows upstream. But it is said to be lesser now. 

Our tour guide told us that it was discovered when a family of three drove past here, their little boy was in need of a toilet. Knowing that there wasn't one here, they took him to the road side to pee. And miraculously, the pee flowed uphill. 

I'm not exactly sure where this place is but we drove up a hill to arrive at this place. It seems like a pit-stop for travellers on the road. 

Banana milk! Did you see the strawberries there? Jonas (my fellow tour mate) told me that Korea's strawberries are super sweet and delicious. I can't remember who told me too that they tasted like strawberry milk. A pity, I didn't try them here, and we didn't get to buy any throughout the trip.

Spicy fish cake. I love love korean food (B will hate this hahaha). It has a sweet-spicy taste to it. Perrrrfect for the cold weather. I'm practically gorging most of the food here. One stick cost 1000W (=SGD1++?)

See all the delicious street-side food. My eyes were practically popped open huge and almost drooling!

Steam buns that were piping hot. I tried the white one. Wanted to try the green ones too but mum said we are going to have dinner soon so I didn't. Anyone can tell me what the green one is and how it taste like? Is it some seaweed steam bun? Or green tea? Or just colouring?

I thought the white one tasted quite alright. Not as soft as expected. It's a little similar to our Lotus bun (the ones used to eat with Kong Bah; a.k.a. Kong Bah Pau) but I prefer our Lotus bun. This is pretty not bad too.

Behold this marvellous creation! I've bet everyone has seen this in numerous dramas and variety shows where koreans slurp the hot piping soup and looks soooo delicious and down many fishcake. Finally I get to try them! 

Enjoying myself soooooooo much! See my happy face? #teehee

The fishcake pretty much taste like the ones in Yong Tau Fu, HOWEVER, is the soup and the sauce makes a lot of difference. Notice the above picture, on the left, there's a bowl of soy sauce with green chillis in there. Ahjumma will take a stick of fishcake for you, scoop some soup in a paper cup, and add a few dashes of sauce. 

The soup is so sweeeeet (not sugar sweet) and a little spicy + salty due to the sauce added. It's soooo good that I had 2 extra helpings to the soup. If not for the bus that was leaving soon, I definitely would stay by to have even more soup. Ahjumma was so kind to let us refill our soup again and again :) - 1000W per stick :)

Fishcake+crabstick. This combination works well! Dad got this stick (well fried is his favourite) and I took a large bite out of this. Yummy! It's really a huge stick and cost 1000W as well. Delicious but too big for myself. Good to share for small eaters :)

Another short journey to a little mini ice museum, 5D mini show (which is rather interesting), and our dinner. 

On the building walls, are things they have inside that you can go to. 

Waiting to go inside the mini ice museum to see pretty carvings. Warning: IT'S VERY COLD. 

Greeting me was real fishes frozen in big ice cubes. Kind of look like the fishes we eat eh? and I was pretty much expecting frozen fishes everywhere....

and I saw this cute sculpture! 

Posing for photo and it's hard to get a good shot as it's soooo cold, our hands were shivering. Photo took by Daddy! The place was lit up colourfully, as you explore the place, you can find even larger and amazing ice sculptures. There's one Life-size car iced-model too!

Selfie with dearest daddy!

Not forgetting mum! :)

Carriage! You can sit in there and get a shot and be an ice princess. hahaha.

Panorama shot one part of the place. Note the wild animals on the right!

Tako! Your penguins are frozen here! (if you're reading this! hahaha)

Next up is a 5D show. 5D meant that the audiences sit in the middle with the screen surrounding them. So it's like as if you can see all directions of the movie, as though you are inside the scene. What was screened was a ocean cartoon of finding their way back home. It involves a seagull so it's pretty interesting!
 (didn't notice Jonas was in my selfie shot till like now hahaha - spot right)

After the show, we went to another museum (still within the building) with 3D pictures drawn on the floor and with right photo angles, you can take beautiful realistic shot of it. 

First up, a fight with the ferocious bear.

Mum trying to balance on a plank of the endless pit.

The world record. Not sure if there's someone taller or shorter by now. 

I thought this tv thing looks pretty realistic except for the fact that dad's not standing straight in the rectangle. Hahaha. 

Hello, we are Girl's Generation! 

In actual fact, I was carrying my large backpack behind me which explains why I'm like so in front. Hahaha. Spot which member's missing? 

Please don't disturb my class. I'm teaching Albert Einstein!! 

There are so much more to this fun photo-taking opportunity but yeah, dinner time. I still haven't seen even more parts of them yet. Such a pity :/ I will visit again next time on free and easy :) 

Han Sik Dang restaurant. 
This was the place for dinner where we had the famous ginseng chicken soup. I had once te previous round we came to Korea and it was pretty good. Mild taste soup but has lots of rich nutrients in them. 

The simple wooden interior of the restaurant. I noticed that in Korea, many eateries/restaurants uses wooden furnitures. Not sure why but probably earth friendly, and I like the homely feel :) 

In Korea, you won't starve as there are always side dishes as condiments.
Here we have kimchi (must-have), seasalt and soy sauce. 

I love Korean cutleries. The spoon is long and wide enough! The chopstick would be difficult to use for those who aren't good with them. Moreover it's metal thus will be slippery especially eating noodles.

Had this photo taken as the paper cup is soooo adorable! 

What's served inside is Korean rice wine either to drink it straight (quite alcoholic) or pour in your soup.

For those who are beyond cold, take a few sips to warm yourself up. For those who don't take alcohol, pour in your soup. I guarantee it will not alter the flavor of your soup. No alcohol taste yet you can have the essence of the wine! 

Behold! This is the famous ginseng chicken soup. Inside the chicken there is glutinous rice. Besides that, you will be offered yummy noodles to go with your soup. I ate this with a little soy sauce / sea salt and it's delicious!

I think this is a fabulous dish for everyone, even if you are sick.

The accommodation of our stay in Jeju. Jeju Grand Hotel.

It looked so pretty and grand. The staffs here are very very nice too. For those who like to go casino, there's a rather huge casino in this hotel. 

There are no entrance fee to the casino, but advise is to bring small bag or just your wallet, hotel card etc. 

My family and I went in to just have a little peek to see what it's like inside. I didn't really like because smoking is allowed inside so you are choked with smoke. It is not entirely smoky or what but I don't really like it. For those who are ok, it's a pretty nice and clean environment. Kind big inside as I was just expecting a small casino. Never been inside one before though. 

Our rooms were fantastic! There is wifi access which is very important for me! Haha! Also, I prefer wifi availability inside the room instead of lobby. It's kind of troublesome to camp at the lobby using their internet. 

The logo of the hotel for those who are interested in staying when you visit Jeju.

Here's a shot of the hotel room, it's quite spacious, most importantly, clean! I really like clean hotels as I'm a little particular with that. Two beds are available, one double one single! 

Small toilet but sufficient for usage! Simple toiletries provided but as an advice to all, always bring your own toiletries. You never know which hotel doesn't provide. 

Thankful for the heater to keep the room warm and hot water for shower! 

Television airing IU and....

Jang Geun Suk!!!! 

Not entirely sure what show this is. Been long since I've watched Korean shows! If I stay in S. Korea, I bet I will have tons of shows to watch everyday I wouldn't mind being a housewife. Hahaha! 

Selfie and OOTD at the full length mirror in the room. Another brownie point! :) 

Loving my down feather jacket and furry boots to keep me really warm though the boots are a little heavy, but did its job so well. Super warm thick scarf specially bought to counter the cold weather. 

Being in one of my top favorite country, how can I miss exploring a little? Here's a snap shot of the streets. Standing by the street, with chill air blowing past my face, feeling the freshness of the surroundings, and surprisingly not much vehicle sounds like heavy engines or horns. Rather peaceful and laid back.

Quite a few beauty stores around like natural republic and face shop! There are an increasing number of foreigners working in Korea. So you do not worry about communication if you know how to speak Chinese. They do understand a little English too! If you are fluent in Korean, don't be surprise how well they speak Korean too! I initially thought they were Koreans till I heard them speak Chinese. 

They said that it's compulsory to know Korean before applying to work in Korea.

Bought some products over at different stores. Comparing to the previous time, they give much less samples now. It's kind of disappointing because I thought I could try some of their products that I was considering.

Suzy from Miss A! 

A typical street in Korea. It would be good to know some Korean actually. Definitely makes walking around much easier! 

Taeyeon from Girl's Generation aka SNSD. C's favorite! 

At the cross street of Jeju. Loving it so far and do spot shops around because you might get lost due to unfamiliarity. A tip is to get the hotel card (always!!) before exploring so if you do get lost, you can show people the hotel card with the address to ask for directions or get on a taxi with it. 

Bee said this is recommended by many! I got one for myself as well. It's cheaper over here as compared to prices in Singapore. If you do make a visit over at Jeju, make sure to get innisfree products as innisfree comes from Jeju. It will be cheaper here compared to other parts of Korea. Innisfree products are natural, no paraben. Good for skin :)

So that concludes my day 1 of South Korea! 

Till then.


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