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Jeju-Seoul / An Unforgettable Experience I

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

(All taken by iPhone 5s)

Korea - Jeju

Thankful for this trip to Korea! Especially my parents who initially wanted to go Shangri-La, China, for our annual family trip, booked a Korea-Jeju trip instead. 

Here's my awesome parents #loves

Our flight was midnight flight. Getting everything ready for the winter season is no joke. Bulky heavy winter jackets and all, took up alot of space in our luggage. 

We went with 8 baggages, came back with 13. (this incls 5 luggages, 2 small luggages, and others were hand-carry bags)

I always have a habit of taking photo of my boarding pass, and twice, it has proven useful. 

My sis and I were shopping at duty free shop. While paying up, we have to provide our boarding pass. However, all our documents were kept with our mum which she is probably at the gateway waiting area. Luckily I had a photo of the boarding pass, and we manage to pay up. 

Probably a good tip for those who are travelling. You never know when it is useful!

 Insisted of taking a siblings shot. With bro and sissy. Do we look alike? :D
All prepared for the cold weather. #loving my shoe

Sat Asiana Air (one of korean's airlines). No screen, no poker cards. However, I'm satisfied enough since it's only a 6 hours flight. Just need to sleep and get pumped up for day 1.

On-flight food which was just rather average though. The flight attendants were rather nice. #happy
But I was just too excited for korea that everything on the plane is good. I simply fell in love with korea ever since I first visited in 2008 (i think)

About to land. Love the sunrise moment with fluffy clouds. Love every single bit of my journey! Felt like I'm gonna love this trip alot. 

We were greeted with such beautiful sight. (I'm missing korea so much already!!!). At Incheon airport where we just landed on the runway. The wide piece of land gives such a surreal feeling. Like I could just keep rolling on the brown patches of grass and never stop; like I could just run along in the cold winter wind and enjoy every moment of fresh air; like I could just lay down on the grass and absorb all the goodness.

A panorama shot of Incheon Airport. Felt like some celebrity when I walked out from the immigration counter to here. Saw so many scenes of korean celebrities getting shot here, airport fashion and all!!! It's really one of the busiest airports. Had a short celebrity dream, expecting some fans to gather and take some peak shots of me #fathope

If you wish to get a temporary SIM card, get it here at the airport! 

Because we had to wait for our coach, definitely wouldn't miss a chance to explore the airport a little. Drop by at their convenience store and saw lots of interesting food such as peanut butter bread, renown banana milk (I prefer the strawberry one), coffee.. #stilldreaming 

Everywhere I go, I see this! Hope they have a chocolate one soon. then probably I'll stock up a carton! But still, banana ones are really special. Their milks are so smooth and if you really like banana, you'll love this. 

Mandatory shot at the airport, and my mum insisted on taking with the billboard at the back. She even asked my sis to wait till it showed some korean wordings before snapping a shot for her. So so so happy I'm at korea. Probably do another visit again next year! Free and easy I hope!


I guess I'm really kiasu. So when I saw a skincare store, I immediately grabbed the masks. However, after buying, my tour member told me here is more expensive definitely. Definitely regretted buying so much masks from Incheon Airport when I could get it elsewhere cheaper. 

I did ask my cousin what she want from korea. She told me Super Junior. So, here it is. hahaha! Eunhyuk, Henry, Donghae. My first love korean group, Super Junior. Hahaha! Now I'm leaning more to Running Man, Lee Minho, SNSD, Park Shin Hye, and more!!!

Yes it is! Does this looks familiar to you??? This is where korean stars drop off from their cars and walk across to the airport!! And where crazy excited fans (me me!!) will camp there to just take a shot with them! 

Our first stop for lunch. I kinda just got my iPhone 5s and brought it to korean with me. I thought they do take pretty decent shots. I mean of cos not very professional. Love their panorama function which is pretty good. 

Tour bus at the right. Restaurant to the left. 

The inner of the simple typical korean restaurant. We had steamboat and a simple bibimbap to go with. Clean interior is something I take high regards to. I love how the assistant korean tour guide was attentive to us. kept refilling our sides and mains and being ever so polite.

Mushroom-filled-steamboat. Portions were so much that we couldn't finish at all.

I swear it's a total life saver as everyone is so cold. The soup is really good. Don't judge it by its cover / appearance.

Seaweed. A little twist to the snack ones. Dashed with a little sesame. Not very salted though. But goes well with bibimbap.

Anchovies seem to be a mandatory in korean dishes. soup broth, porridge, and even in sides. I kind of keep munching at this as I thought it complements the rice pretty well. Starting to miss the food there though I probably won't think the same as days past. Because we ate steamboat almost every other day; because we did not get to eat lots of other food like army stew, ramyun; because we only had 2 meals of bbq meat out of the 8 days of meals; #whereismybbqmeat

Pickled radish. This is pretty good, not too spicy, not too salty. And it's red. Due to either the korean chilli paste or chilli powder. B told me she didn't like korean food that is red because she pretty got sick eating them everyday.

I have to agree with this as not everyone can adapt to korean cuisine. Is either you really love it, or you really dislike it. 

A thin-layered veg(or isit seaweed) pancake. Really thin. don't really have much taste. We are not really such how to eat this, which I meant, whether to wrap with some meat or sides. TBH, it taste like nothing. Haha. Too thin and ambiguous. But, not that bad. Probably is to wrap with some meat or something. Any koreans can enlighten me?

Japchae! Love their glass noodles! Smooth and chewy consistency. Pretty simple dish yet delicious. Refilled it again and again. Can you believe this is a side dish? It could very well pay off as a main dish sold in singapore!!!!!!!

I followed CTC Tour this time round. And I have lots of praise for them. Unlimited meat refill! Awesome! It's like eating Shabu Shabu. meat meat meat meat meat!

Mandatory Kimchi. I'm quite alright with kimchi. Just that it's a little sour for most of them. However I heard it's good for body. Good for diet as well! Don't be fooled by its appearance. It's not that spicy. 

Our simple bibimbap that contains some beans, raddish, seaweed and greens.

The busy kitchen that serves so quickly. 
The wood decor gives a really homely feeling to the whole dining experience. One downside is probably a little too squeezy. 

After a full lunch, we head to Gimpo International Airport to catch a domestic flight to Jeju.

The interior of Gimpo Airport which is a simpler version compared to Incheon. It is less modern but still filled with lots of people especially koreans. 

Their boarding pass which is a long slip of paper. Seatings are randomly assigned by the counter. So don't expect yourself to sit with someone you know. 

Sun glows in the airport creating a mystical ray reflection. I'm like a love-sick girl loving every moment at korea.

Check in to waiting area. 

See how magnificent it is! Once we stepped inside, it's huge!!!! 

The left over snow from last week. We were told that there won't be any more snowing according to the weather forecast which left us super disappointed. 

I noticed a larger number of koreans smoking. They have this cool enclosed area with ventilation for them to smoke. I thought this concept is pretty good as it solves both smokers and non-smokers problem. 

We had to climb down the stairs...

to board this bus to the plane! 

And the bus was so squeezy though the journey was merely 5mins. Don't expect yourself to get some seats. But this is definitely better than the ones I went at Bangkok. Those I have to queue to even get on a bus.

It was sooooooooooo cold that I couldn't get much shots. Don't be fooled by the sun. You will definitely shiver like mad. 

Through this trip, I learnt that proper quality winter wear helps to minimise luggage weight, and lighten the amount of clothings you have I wear. We used to wear layers of shirts and still feel cold. But this time round my parents got everyone a down feather jacket. 90% down, 10% feather. The higher the down, the warmer you'll be. My dad and bro got the double layered jacket which really keep you super warm. Got ours from winter wear :)  

live hands on demostration on safety steps in case of emergency. I love that they provided orange juice on flight. It's even better than our budget airlines. However, the journey to jeju seem to be a F1 race as our pilot literally screeeeeched and speed. 

Arrived at Jeju!!!!!!!!! Always heard wonders of Jeju yet have not been there before. Glad to have the chance to be there.

Stop writing here as I need to go to bed to charge for work tomorrow. Will try my best to upload more as I have tons of photos but limited time.

On a side note, really enjoy this tour by CTC Travel. Accommodations were AWESOME. good and clean accommodation with WARM facilities. Unlike the previous tour (in 2008) we went were a little eerie and cold.


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