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Satay By The Bay / Seafood Day

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Satay By The Bay / Seafood Day

Lynette's parents open a seafood/halal stall here, as well as a bar over at Satay by the Bay. Prior to this outing, I didn't know that this place was open. Nonetheless, one additional place to hang out for a drink or meal together with friends. Read on to find out why!

Satay by the Bay is a almost similar concept to Lau Pat Sar, Changi Village and Chomp Chomp. They have an extensive range of food from Steamboat, hot pot, seafood, satay (like duh!) to a bar. The surrounding has lots of greens which makes the place much cooler, and pleasing to the eyes. 

Comparing to the other 3 places, I would say this is the more "atas" version but rather pocket friendly place to dine in. It's clean and new (not sure what may happen years later but yeah, for now clean!), and the food is pretty good.

My friend's parents shop is located rather near the entrance. The reason why the word "halal" is covered up as they are in the midst of approval for halal license, and their second chef is coming over soon. They sells halal food, as well as seafood. Very good choice to dine in especially in a multi-racial country, Singapore! Definitely will bring my friends over next time!

Most of their food sold are stated on the menu. Some are not (like stingrays) as they just opened not long ago and it depends whether they can get the supplies on that day. Her dad goes to market every early morning to get fresh seafood products. So you can be assured that they are really really very fresh! 

Side Note: Most of the food are not very spicy. Good for people who don't take spicy. For those thrill-seeking lovers, do inform them to add more chilli for more intensity!

6 Girls / 10 plates of food / finished everything clean.

Disclaimer: I'll definitely give honest reviews about the food, whether or not it is opened by my friend/relatives/whosoever I know :)


I'm not a huge fan of cockles. We see cockles often in Char Kway Tiao and I would just leave it aside, throw it away, or tell the uncle/auntie not to include them in. I always hated the smell of cockles, the fishy kind of smell, in most of the Char Kway Tiao I ate. 

Upon trying out this, I love cockles! It is so fresh and delicious. Adding on is the chilli made from scratch by their Malaysian Chef. The chilli complements the fresh cockles so well. And one huge plate of cockles only cost $5! It's soo cheap, given the location we ate at! 

I was kind of impress when I heard the chef is from Malaysia. I have been to JB and ate their seafood. Most of the food are sooo good and cheap. Thus, it adds on to my brownie points at the end of the day! 

I heard you can get cockles from the wet market for cheap price as well. Method to eat is to boil in hot water for just a short while, and serve it fresh. Dip with sauce of your choice, be it chilli, soy sauce or others. My friend dipped in Satay gravy. #teehee


LaLa / Flower Clams

Flower Clams have been my all-time favourite. My dad would fry like 2kg of clams for my siblings and I, and we would dig our hearts in. 

The sauce is lovely, not spicy, and have a little sweet taste to it. It's fragrant and was gone in minutes. Love again, how fresh they are. Being a spice lover, I would definitely love the dish to be more spicy. However, this is good as well!

I feel that in seafood business, first and foremost, your food must be very fresh. Though it's a common sense thing, but probably due to competition and inflation, I do eat quite a few seafood elsewhere, and it's not fresh at all. Some vendors buy frozen seafood which deteriorate the taste greatly. 

Beware: Lots of cockles are not good for health. Once is a long while is fine.


#itchyfinger #tsktsk
My friends were trying to play a prank by keep poking their fingers into my photo!!!

French Fries

This is not sold at their stall, but rather at their bar. The fries is crispy and yummy. Not left there for long, but freshly fried. That's really a plus points. Hot and crispy! Cheese and tomato sauce served! 


Chicken Satay

Few weeks back, I just ate some satay at Lau Pat Sar. I'm so disappointed at how much the standard has dropped. Due to renovation, there are only side stalls left. Satay served to us were cold. 

Thus, when I was served with piping hot, freshly-charcoaled bbq satay, I appreciate it alot. It's juicy and chewy, served with freshly cut onions and cucumbers. The gravy is good (my friend ate this with cockles) and the peanuts were grinded just nice, not too coarse nor small. 

For 2 sticks each, I paid $3 for my share? So it's quite costly. Think total of 12 sticks were $15. Little bit expensive that what I could get elsewhere.


Egg Tofu with Pumpkin Sauce

One of my best dishes amongst all. I think it's very creative to cook it in pumpkin sauce. Definitely must eat it hot once its out. The soft tufu is heightened with light pumpkin sauce, accompanied by enoki mushrooms and crab sticks, and my favourite brocolli! 

It's definitely a must-try dish! I was a little skeptical at the sauce when I first heard it. Pumpkin? But changed my mind once I ate it!


Cereal Prawns

Cereal prawns is a hot popular dish where most people would order anywhere. Prawns must be very fresh, it must be fried till its shells are very crispy, and the oats must be sufficient and fry till fragrant. 

I would say this dish fulfilled the freshness of the prawns. Crispiness of the shell is quite okay, could be better. I ended up peeling off the shell as I prefer without the shell. Oats are good, fried with some egg. Always love the oats! 

So far I haven't tried any oatmeal prawns that is so crispy (the shell) with the meat inside still chewy and fresh. I always ended up taking off the shell because the shells seems to stick in between my teeth and it's kind of irritating. 

Do let me know if there's any oatmeal prawns that are so good!


Sambal Stingray

This plate of Sambal Stingray is good! Not overly bbq. Meat is thick and fresh, and the chilli is not that spicy. I love the part where the meat is thick because most of the places nowadays, the meat are very little and thin. Not sure why.

We ordered 2 plates of this! Each plates has 2 slices of fish as above.

They have balachan (not really sure about the name, but is a slight pinkish-purple prawn-looking thing with onions and vinegar) to go with! Definitely would love to have more sambal sauce, and more spicy! Thumbs up! 


Sambal Kang Kong

I don't really favour this dish as it's a little on the bland side, and not spicy. Technically, sambal kangkong are usually spicy and very flavourful. I thought this dish was a little lacking in the flavour department. But it is still rather alright. Probably would try other vegetables next time!


Hor Fun

This is the white-style hor fun, different from the darker-brown kind we usually get. It's quite light in flavour. One of my friends love it. I have a strong palate, thus, this dish would probably not suit me. 

One major thing to complement is the freshness of the ingredients. Up to now, I don't think I could enphasize any more as I did umpteen times haha! Worth a try! 


The final product of our food hunt. I will definitely recommend everyone to drop by Satay by the Bay to try their food, be it my friend's stall or other stalls available there. Drinks are not very cheap though. My small cup of barley cost like $2. 

It's very cooling (probably cos it just rained hours before) and I love the ambience. Good for gathering! Some people bought a tray of cockles and beers to go with. #amazing

Total damage: $78+/- (iirc) for a total of 6 people. 
True pricing, no friend-discount price so you can roughly gauge how much it cost. 

Some of the prices and photos! 

We went around taking some pictures and capturing our moments together before going off shopping at town.

There are some good spots for photo taking!! #ootd 

Watsons is selling Meiji's chocolate which I feel is good! 

They come in boxes, with individual packs inside. Smooth soft chocolate with cocoa powder coating. Comes in 4 flavours: Rum, Green Tea, Original, Strawberry.

High recommend Original for first timers. I got a Rum one and regretted it though my family finished it. Green tea is superb as well! Have yet to try the strawberry. 

Ending off with a random group photo at Giant. #lolol of the day


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