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Mellben at Bestway Building

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mellben at Bestway Building

Heard many mentions of Mellben's Crab Beehoon and all. Their very first outlet is at Ang Mo Kio. Now they have an outlet at Bestway Building around Raffles Place. 

As below, because it's a newly opened outlet, they had this 15% off the total bill!

Sambal Potato Leaves - It's kind of a little bland, not that flavourful. The chilli is not fragrant enough. 3/5

Crab Bee Hoon - It's my first eating such dish. Usually I'll go for chilli crab or black pepper. The soup tasted a little like what you get for fried sliced fish beehoon. But, this have more seafood, crab-tasting soup with milk in it that gives a whitish colour. 

It has a unique taste and goes rather well with the condiments. Order more thick bee hoon (same ones that you get when you eat laksa) and more soup. It's quite yummy! More brownie points given to the freshness of the crab! - 4.3/5

Salted Egg Pork Ribs - Wow, I only ate salted egg prawns before and never tried this. It's really soft, and the salted egg is quite plentiful. Do not require lots of teeth-strength to eat this. Goes well with rice. - 4.3/5

Yam ring - taste pretty much like what you get outside. Quite common and nothing special - 3.8/5

Oat meal Prawns - Not that good, probably cooked a little too long. Lost its chewiness and it's not crispy enough. The shell is hard to chew, and not deep fried well. Had some left overs, and ate the oatmeal only. - 3/5

Butter Crab - Any crab dishes shown here, what I can comment is, the meat of the crab is de de delicious! It's very fresh, and firm and smooth crab meat. Anything that is cooked with it, is delicious. The sauce is a little too buttery for my taste (I don't eat cheese, mayo and some dairy products). My friend love this dish as she don't take the spicy chilli crab dish! Too spicy for her - 4.2/5

Fried Buns - I guess these buns are not fried for long, comparing it with Jumbo's. I love fried man tous that are fried longer so that the bun will be very fragrant and crispier. It's more like eating a non-fried bun. Nonetheless, good companion for chilli crabs! - 3.5/5

Chilli Crab - Love the crab, not the sauce. It's quite spicy, yet not as satisfying yet. The spice may be too hot for people who don't eat spicy food. The flavour of the sauce doesn't take to my liking. I still prefer Jumbo's chilli crab as compared to this. - 3.8/5

Overall, the hygiene and cleanliness is good, a good place to gather with large number of people, price is quite reasonable (we ordered 5 crabs and other dishes plus some drank beers, for a total of 14 people, it cost about $500+ iirc).

The staffs there were very friendly and nice. They assisted all of us very well. Good service brings back a return customer. Thumbs up!

Their facebook:

Map: Directions Here

Bestway Building, 12 Prince Edward Road, Singapore, Singapore 079212

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