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Takumi Tokyo

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Takumi Tokyo at Marina Keppel Bay

Takumi, haven't heard of till I went to take a little visit at this restaurant. First impression took my breath away. It is located at the serene Marina @ Keppel Bay, where many yachts lay. It provides a breathtaking view and you can snap many ootd or landscape photos after your meal. 

Entering the restaurant, it encaves a modern-traditional Japanese decorations. 

See how pretty it is!

Just take a look at the open kitchen concept & the teppanyaki table. 

The condiments uses exquisite jars/containers to contain some spices and pickles.

Pretty straightfoward, the menu serves to about 4 pages as below.

This is partially how the sitting area looks like. Many working adults drop by here for lunch.

Chawamushi - It has mushrooms and a little chicken bits inside. Smooth, and not very salty. It's one of the best chawamushi I've tried so far.

I ordered the Chicken Katsu Set with the standard side dishes.

I didn't really like this set because it didn't carry much flavour. My friend who tried mine agrees. And hers was much better!!

Pickles to match with your meal.

Seaweed and radish?

Some veg and onions and mushrooms. 

This is my friend's set. The Teppanyaki Pork Ginger Set. I do recommend trying this when you visit because it's good. The pork is chewy yet soft, and the sauce that was with it makes the pork even juicier.  

A close up. Accompanying with salad. (Sorry for blur photos - using my iPhone 4)

The Saba set. It looks rather good but I'm not a fan of it due to the bones (choked on fish bones bef)

The fish is really huge that makes this dish really worth. And it's rather delicious. 

My other colleagues ordered the soba noodles set. Didn't get a picture of it. But seems good as majority ordered that.

The dessert is a mixed fruit cocktail and a white mochi. I love the dessert! It has sweet and sour (due to pineapple and kiwi) taste to it and it's yummy! 

Overall, I felt that the food was alright. Not super ultra superb probably cos I chose the wrong set or the rest of the sets were too expensive but delicious. 

I don't really think I'll be visiting back there cos the price is not really worth. Moreover, it's quite inaccessible going in and out there. Unless you have free time, den do take a stroll in.

You can read more reviews here:

Takumi Tokyo
2 Keppel Bay Vista,
Marina at Keppel Bay
(it’s on the 2nd floor, and is located directly above Privé)

Tel: +65 6271-7414
Operating Hours:

Tuesdays to Sundays: 5.30pm to 10.30pm
Closed on Mondays

Most likely you have to cab in else it's quite a long walk in. 

Directions to walk in adapted from online:
1) You have to approach it from Telok Blangah Road in the direction of Keppel Golf Club.
2) After passing Vivocity and Harbourfront (on your left), make a left turn into a small street called Keppel Bay Road, which is located just before Caribbean at Keppel Bay (a luxury condo).
3) Cross the cable bridge (Keppel Bay Bridge) which links the mainland with Keppel Island.
4) You will be able to see the marina on your left as you approach the end of the bridge.
5) Please have their number on hand for emergency directions if you should get lost.

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