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Saturday, October 26, 2013

What I'm up to these days

Planned for C's birthday surprise picnic at Botanics. It wouldn't have gone off 99% successful (except for Citadels HAHAHA #insidestory) without each and everyone of their help and support :) Thank you so so so much!

Present you with the guys..

and the girls..

we had the chance to visit a unique cafe that serves little pastries, waffles and drinks :) Will do up a proper post once my running man-alike video gets up on YouTube!

Next up was Jaycee's and Jason's wedding. One of my besties' sister. She's soo sooo pretty! They had their wedding at Blue Ginger - that serves delicious peranakan food. 

Below are just the main course dishes. Love most of them! Do drop down to Blue Ginger for a try! It's located near Tanjong Pagar. 

Zooming up is Jovia's hen's night. Lovely pretty bride. We had a surprise Hen's night for her at Switch @Timbre, just beside Bras Basah mrt station. Took videos of that day as well. Keeping it for memory's sake!

And 2 days later after her Hen's night, she got married!!!!! So so so pretty! 

And coincidentally, C and his friend wore the same colour combi that looks like Jovia's body guard. Hahaha!

C & I

And lately, I'm busy at work. So far, I'm really enjoying what I've been learning and doing. Thank God for his guidance and love, and for the amazing colleagues I have. 


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