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Wang Daebak Korean BBQ Restaurant Review

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wang Daebak Korean BBQ Restaurant

How could I miss posting this! (Actually I did :S)

Wang Daebak, I'm sure many of you knows this korean bbq restaurant. They have a few outlets around in Singapore. So lets get started..

It was my first visit there, and the ambience of the place gives me a rather authentic korean restaurant feel. It looks almost like one of the bbq restaurants I visited at Korea few years back.

As we had about 7-8 people, they ushered us into a private room. What I can give thumbs up on upon first impression is; the cleanliness. It's pretty clean (I'm rather particular on that) and makes you feel comfortable. They provide tissues either on the wall (yes tissue boxes are stuck to the wall, plastic box), or on the table. 

Besides they provide simple side dishes. (They will provide more when you order food!) From top: Garlic, cucumber and onions, radish. Not really a fan of these 3. These are more of  condiments for bbqing I guess.

The not-so-spicy chilli that tasted a little sweet, and some soy sauce at the side. The sauces are mainly for bbq when you wrapped the meat in the lettuce leaves. 

The side dishes when we ordered our food. We did not opt for bbq as it's wayyyyy too expensive. IMHO, not really worth unless you don't mind trying it out cos some of my friends had tried before and said it's good but too expensive. $20 for 2 rather-thick slices of pork belly. (Not filling!)

Side dishes aren't impression. What's not are the hotdog. potato, and the dark green stick-looking veggie. Side dishes are refillable. For 7-8 of us, they only gave 1 type each (for the side dishes that come AFTER we ordered our food, excluding the three that are pre-set on the table) and we had to constantly ask for more. Imagine 7-8 people eating the plate of potato, 1 shot gone. 

The service there was rather disappointing as their disposition wasn't that cheerful. I shall give benefit of doubt to them due to a 70% occupancy at the restaurant. However, I did give them another visit at another outlet weeks later, but the service wasn't good either. Perhaps I went during lunch hour on my 2nd visit thus the volume of people is quite high? 

First dish, Ddeokbokki! It meant Spicy Rice Cake. It's one of my favourite korean dish. However, this is not the best that I've tried. The rice cake is quite chewy, the sauce is quite good, but not satisfactory.

When you visit Wang Dae Bak, you must not miss out this Seafood Pancake. This pancake is the reason why I'm willing to visit Wang Daebak again, and will visit yet again next time. It's crunchy and the prawns are sufficient. Dipping with the soy sauce mixture, it gives a very satisfactory feel to my tummy. Fresh seafood filling inside, with some spring onions. Must try!

Last but not least, the Seafood Stew (Army Stew). I kind of like this seafood stew. 

Pros: Lots of ingredients, I mean, look at the picture!!! Spam, bacon, hotdogs, deok, pork, onions, tofu, noodles. So much!!! 

Cons: Soup only refillable once. Not the best I've tasted but above average. 

Nonetheless, I feel this stew is worth the money. You can share amongst 3 people and still feel very full. Add noodles if you feel hungry. Noodles > Rice. 

This outlet I visit: 
Address: #01-64, 22 Cross St, Singapore 048421
Phone:6225 2646

Other oulet: 
Location: 98 Amoy St, Raffles Place, 069918
Phone: 6226 0450

Opening Hours: 
11.30am - 2.30pm, 
5.30pm - 10.30pm. 
Closed on Sundays.

Signature Dish
Pork Loin Set
Seafood Pancake

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