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Ocean Curry FishHead

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ocean Curry FishHead Review

Looking for hotpot fishhead curry? You can try this! It's the 2nd best I've tried. Located near Amoy Street Hawker Centre, it's quite hard to find a seat. 

There are lots of people waiting to grab a table despite the hot scorching sun. Moreover, there is a horrendeous long queue if you wish to take away. They do sell Mix Rice (Cai Fan) so for that, you need to queue. If you're eating there, just go to the staff and order, and wait at your seat. 

The fish is fresh, and cooked just right. Not those mushy mushy kind of texture. Firm yet soft. The sauce has a little asam taste to it, having some tau pok, lady's fingers, tomato in it. With some side dishes we ordered, a pot like this is enough for 6 people. Unless you're just ordering this, else it is sufficient for a group of adults to dig in. 

I paid about $10 per person for this pot of curry, 2 veg, and 1 meat. (Roughly because I forgot to take picture of the rest of the food x:) 

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