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Golden Shoe; Nasi Briyani

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Golden Shoe's Nasi Briyani 

One photo says it all. 

I am very lucky to have colleagues who brought us around to taste delicious food. And this time round, I had the chance to taste this yummy Nasi Briyani (though it's kinda fattening haha!)

Location: It is located at Golden Shoe. Golden Shoe is a 2 storey hawker centre just a 3 mins walk from Raffles Place MRT. 

As I was really famished that day, I didn't take a photo of the stall. However, for those who wish to give it a try, it's located at the 2nd floor, just right in front of you after you climbed the flight of stairs! You can anticipate long queues especially during lunch hour!

Do go early if you wish to have a drumstick part (as above) instead of the breast meat / thigh part. Drumsticks seem to be the popular choice as when it was our turn, they had only 2 drumsticks left. 

The dish is not spicy, and I'm guessing they added food colouring to the chicken. Saw those red crumbs around? I'm not exactly sure what it is but it tasted very crispy, and kinda salty. It did complement the rice and chicken. It tasted a little like flour and salt mix with red colouring, and deep fried. Probably with a little spices.

The cucumber at the bottom right of the photo is crunchy, not very sour (which I like!) and refreshing to the rather-heavy-dish!

Last of all, the rice is kind of fragrant, and the curry sauce is yummy, not too salty. However, I did taste better briyani rice else where.

Overall, I paid $5 for this plate of goodness. I would say it's good to give a try at least once. It's average to above average for a plate of Nasi Briyani and worth a try! If you're a big eater, this may not be filling enough. 

Do let me know if you tried this! :)

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