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Sachi's little birthday treats

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Everyone deserves a birthday treat! So do our little furkids. My sis has been buying birthday cakes for Sachi's birthday. She even got mooncakes before #dogsaresopampered hahaha. 

You are able to get them at certain Pet Lovers' Centre outlets. Sis got them at NEX (Serangoon). 

If you are a baker/cook, or just wanna try out, feel free to go google recipes and bake them yourself cos outside aint selling cheap.

The birthday cake above is so cute! [Due to this being last minute taken under low light (I'm so lazy to take out the ring light and setup), pardon for poor quality pictures]. You can "stab" a candle on top of the cake and celebrate with your own puppies too!

The treats are so so adorable. Feels a little sticky probably it has quite alot of dough. Not sure how it taste but it looks so gooooood. These above are dog donuts. They come in different colours, standard shape/size. I think it's good once in awhile to have some of these little treats for our little ones!

I had a laugh realising it's hotdog and yea, the joke as above. Hahaha!

Sachi was praactically drooling, running around hysterically, and trying to jump and aim for the treats on the table. We hardly could get any photo of her!

Starting my day with a short post. See ya! Will post beauty reviews here soon!

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