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Monday, August 19, 2013


Finding for a good sunscreen lotion? I have been using this tube of goodness for few months. So here's what I have to say about it.

Introducing it, it states of having 12 hours long lasting UV protection and anti dullness. 12 hours is good as you do not need to go through the hassle of reapplying, given that sometimes a few hours out in this humid hot weather will cause your face to be sticky and oily, and you have to clean up before applying again. 

Kind of troublesome right?

When applying on my face, it has a little shiny tinge to it. Sort of a pearly tinge. It brightens up your face a little, not too much, and is not sticky (which is something I really like). It did help my freckles spot to not become worse, but on improving it or lightening it, I don't think it does that much. 

Anyway it's a good prevention of brown spots and freckles!

When apply sunblock, do apply sufficiently and not scrimp on it. It's really important to cover every part of your face. It helps to protect your skin and you would want to remain youthful right? 

I used to hate skin care products especially sunblock as I find them too sticky. I used to take swimming lessons every week when I was young and hated the sunblock. My mum would urge me to put it to protect my skin and how I really dislike the sticky feeling. 

I kind of regret not putting as I became darker and darker and darker. I felt it's a good protection and some sunblocks are really moisturizing. It helps prevent your skin from dehydrating which is very very important. 

Back to this product...

Upon spreading, it sets in pretty well and gets absorb into the skin quite fast. It's not very obvious shine as seen in the picture. And you can opt to use it as a make up base. Though if you do put make up and wish to control your oil secretion, I would recommend using a face primer over this. 

My mum introduced this product to me, and it cost less than SGD$20. Available from major stores, beauty shops, watsons, and guardian. 

I would say I like this sunscreen as it is small, and easy to carry around. Forgot to snap the tip of this sunblock but it comes in a long narrow tube/mouth where it's easier to control the amount you wish to squeeze out and it is soooo much cleaner and neater. 

Short beauty review and I'm gonna catch some sleep to charge up for tomorrow! 

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