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Durians, durians and durians

Sunday, August 25, 2013


What a name; Combat Durian. It's really catchy and easy to remember. You can see quite a number of people eating durians there. It seems like the durian season came. and many people are enjoying this fruit.

However, not everyone can take it. 

Nonetheless, I gave it a try.

I must say, it's pretty delicious. I prefer the sweet ones to the delicious ones, except, the correct way is that bitter ones are the better ones hmm...

Tried Mao Shang Wang, Feng Jie, and some other names which I'm not very sure off. Personally I felt Mao Shang Wang was rather good as it's quite soft and leaves a slight bitter after taste to it.

See the fleshy food. Good right? Best is, they have free flow of water provided for you! 

Durian lovers ought to try and indulge in these special fruits! They do ship overseas as well. So those craving for it, you can give them a call. 

See, still got facebook somemore.

Lo and Behold, the staff recommended Feng Jie, saying that it's now the only season of the year that comes. Very delicious, and rare. 

Enticed by his recommendation, we decide to give the green light.

When it came, it's soooooooo small! This is my friend's index finger. Can you imagine how small it is? Small seed, small fruit, little flesh! And cost more!

This is the one I ate. The seed is barely like half a cm.

Normal durian shell compared to Feng Jie's. SMALL RIGHT?

Lesson of the day, beside drinking salt water from durian shells to reduce heatiness, you can use the outer shell of the durian to get rid of durian smell! 

You can take a whiff of the pokey side of its shell, it has a slight refreshing fragrance to it. However after 2 hours or so, you can still smell durian on your fingers. It works temporary, but not permanently. However instantly your fingers will smell nice due to the natural oil on the surface of the shell that temporarily covers the durian smell.

And the very next day, I ate durian again at my grandparents' house! #majorheaty

No wonder my doc said I'm very heaty. Hahahaha.

Enjoy your mid autumn's festival everyone! Mooncakes!!!!!!!!

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