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Tresemme Heat Tamer Leave-In Spray Review

Sunday, July 28, 2013

I pretty much googled and research around for hair serums to tame and mosturize my hair. My hair stylist often say that I have dry textured hair, and I thought drinking water would help. (I know I'm dumb hahaha).

Thus I invested in a $36 hair serum which seemingly helped my hair but still, it gets quite tangled up. Lo behold, I chanced upon this highly raved hair spray for people who often blow-dry, style, tong, straighten, curl, or put any form of heat on your lovely hair.

TRESemme Thermal Creations
Heat Tamer Leave-In Spray

I must say, I seldom blow dry my hair nor use any heat applications/products/equipments/appliances on my hair as I'm quite lazy. I often air dry my hair which can get quite frizzy especially on the ends. Moreover, I'm worried about the heat transmitted and damages on my hair if I do blow dry them. 

This spray helps to protect your hair from the heat and keeps it soft and manageable. It really helps me to maintain my hair and manage the tangles. I use it as a hair protectant as we are often exposed to harmful sun rays. I did saw someone mentioned that she used it even to protect her hair from the sun. 

If you are an outdoor person, often exposed to sun; or someone who uses heat appliances for styling or drying your hair; or even just wanting to manage your hair tangles; you can give this a try. It cost around $12-$13 on Qoo10. Or if you do go USA, you can pop by Target or Walmart to get them. It's way much cheaper of cause. 

It has a lock mechanism so that if you do ever bring it out for photoshoots, or to the beach, or anywhere, you do not need to worry about it leaking (accidental spraying as it gets squashed in your bag) of the hair spray onto the items in your bag. Well, better to have a locking mechanism than none!

Overall, I find this spray really a good and worth to buy product. It is really fragrant, probably able to cover smelly hair (if you go for BBQ, or any sorts) and make it sweet smelling in an instant!

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