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Mizon Snail Repair Cream

Thursday, July 11, 2013

These are some of the many skin care products I've tried. Just, I had to try till it almost finishes before doing a review post on it. So today, it would be the Mizon Snail Repair Cream.

Few months back, there was a hype on snail repair cream/gel. I remember seeing it on Facebook's side advertisement. Then, Qoo10 started to have sellers selling different brands. After much consideration, I decided to go ahead with Mizon's.

Price: $19.90

It is a pretty light weight cream. I would say it's kind of a gel-like crema. Blends easily into the skin, and it's a little sticky feel but when you wake up in the morning, your skin will feel pretty supple. 

They did say that it could reduce trouble marks and pores. Some people did review saying that their acne marks did reduce. For mine, I felt that this acts more like a hydrating moisturizer. My pores seems to be still the same. 

This is the swatch of the cream. As you can see, it looks more gel-like kind of moisturizer. Pretty Light.

After blending, you can see a little glow there. But well, it gets absorb into the skin. Like I mentioned, a little sticky for some but alright for me! 

I applied it mostly at night, given the fact it's quite moisturizing. Probably you have to massage the cream in longer so that it would absorb better. I'm kind of lazy so I just smack it on my face and that's it. 

#Life's unfair

If your skin is very dry, GET THIS. It helps to moisturise your skin. 
If you have hypoallergic-sensitive skin, DO NOT GET. You may break out. 
One of my bestie and C has hyper+hypo+extreme sensitive skin. C can't even use aloe vera gel nor any other sensitive-skin products I've gotten for him/he bought. I end up using it -.- 


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