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Monday, July 29, 2013


Her expression is damn hilarious!

Numerous dog lovers posting about their own furkids photos has really caught my heart. Especially breeds like Golden Retriever, Maltese, and the ever growing popular Toy Poodle. I think there's an upcoming hype with Pomeranians. 

It's really a joy having our cute little furkids with us and life totally became much more hectic, confusing, frustrating, YET, of all those, we experience joy, laughter and happiness. 

Sachi has been a dear companion to my family. She has brought us so much joy, laughter, and frustation of cause; especially when she decides to get naughty and poop at some corner. 

We did experience once-in-a-blue-moon of sliding off the ground due to her unexpected-pee-incident-at-some-corner-of-the-house especially when we come home at night. 

Despite all these, she is very loved and pampered by the whole family. Given her hyper-temperamental, and highly-suspicious, fearful character, very sensitive to surrounding, she often doubts people and thus uses her bark, baring her teeth to frighten those inner fears of hers away. 

We often judge these kind of dogs as a fierce aggressive creature and bycott them. 

It's really hard to get a proper photo of her..

However, it is these furkids that needed even more love, trust, and warmth that can soothe their spirit and soul down. 

It became worse for the fact that our dear little kid is full black in colour. Everyone thought she is really fierce (well she is but due to fear) and highly dangerous animal. 

How did Sachi join our family?
Well, I was on the bus when I received a spreading-sms from a friend of mine, asking around for someone to adopt a 5-months old puppy from her friend. (Yes, Sachi belongs to my friend's friend). Always been wanting a dog in the house, I asked my parents, and my mum asked for a picture of the puppy. 

A picture of a black puppy. (I still have her picture somewhere)

It's very minority that people would have a black puppy. (Probably will be more popular soon since Girls Generation's Taeyeon bought a black poodle) Usually the white, brown, or mix colours attract people more. (Hey I do not mean any ill-intentions okay! I love Sachi!)

However, I insisted that we try, and I really want to thank my parents for that!

Hope I am skilled enough to take cute pretty photos of her :)

Being through 5-6 years of mutual love between my family and Sachi, we finally understood something.  We need to gain her 100% trust, shower her with lots of attention and love. Everyone has been loving Sachi and pampering her so so so much. It has really been a great joy having her around. 

She really learns fast despite her age, and do whatever she can to sneak some food secretly. 

She sleeps with my parents on her own bed (She has 2! One night bed, one day bed!) and will lie her head on the pillow, and lightly "claw" and nudge my mum to cover her blanket over her. 

During day time, she likes to take control of my bed, and snuggles on it. Else laze on her princess day-bed that my sister got for her with a soft fluffy pink cushion!

She will sit at attention really still to plead my mum for some food that my mum is eating. (My mum is really soft hearted #teehee)

She will "claw" me for attention so I could give her a pat and belly rub. 

Many many many and many more...

Though she may not be as cute, as photogenic, as gentle as many dogs out there; Though no one said/commented she is cute/pretty and is scared of her (which I totally understand) but she's definitely the most loveliest to us! We love you Sachi!

Happy 6th Birthday Sachi!

(My dad gave her birthdate on 29th July when we brought Sachi for her vaccination as my friend didn't know which date Sachi was born in, where she came from, and who her parents were. We only knew Sachi was named by my friend, and given to her by her uncle, and was 5 months old when we got her. So we backtracked 5 months, and it falls on July).

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