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PLMC Church Camp 2012

Monday, June 10, 2013

Hello! I'm currently at KSL hotel for church camp! It has been a real true eye opener for me! Experiencing God in many astounding and amazing ways! Will blog about this when I reach singapore!p in two days time! 

My current sick face. Was down with slight fever and diarrhea the day before the camp! Rushed to see doc on the day of day 1 camp before heading down to KSL! Thankful that my fever subsided and diarrhea did not act up! Still got to deal with cough and bad bad running nose with throat infection (much better after medication)! Lost my appetite on day 1 and thank god that I could eat on day 2! Praise The Lord :) 

I look kinda like so haggard -.- brought a super warm wool jacket and still feel cold -.-

Saw an old classmate of mine! Nicole! Kinda feel damn shy when i meet her! been way so long since i've really talked to her! And she's still ever so nice and friendly!! Hope we can have a 3A1 gathering one day! 

Her dad is the one who is in charge of the church camp gala dinner night which ended bout an hour ago! It was fun! Not easy to plan for 1000 odd members of our church! Amazing feat that the whole church committee team organized the entire camp! Not easy at all! 

Time to brush up and get ready to sleep! Love the hotel and how clean it is given tt I'm kinda OCD. KSL mall has nth much thou :( 

Good night!! :) 

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