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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

I realise mobile blogging doesn't give really good quality pictures, adding to the fact that photos taken with my phone isn't that good either! Nonetheless it provides some ways of convenience so, yea, pros and cons!

A full OOTD from the other day! I've instagrammed a half body picture as I was rushing out that day! Super love my fur cardigan that provides me with so much comfort! However those who abhor warm weather, this jacket might not be the one for you! However it is good for air conditioned places! 

The too is from Agneselle that I've gotten way long ago! Think it's a victoria secret inspired top or something. Very versatile and white is my bias colour! One thing that I don't like is the ruches at the chest area. It folds weirdly and I have to adjust from time to time! Very stretchy and comfortable! Not that sheer! 

Lilac jeggings from megagamie! And my junior told me love and bravery's crayon jeggings are so comfy and cost $19.90 while I got mine for $29? Around there! A $10 difference! This jeggings has a sweet light purple touch to it! My first time donning on purple and surprisingly, I love if! 

Shoes are from cotton on! $10 only! My bestie and I got one each from their website the other time they were on sale! It looks so pretty yet versatile! However, wearing the whole day can be quite tiring as the sole is not cushioned like hush puppies shoes! What can we expect from a $10 shoe? This is so worth of the price! So no complains from me! :D 

My bag, a birthday gift from sissy! Love the bold red loud colour! It's from mango! Not a hard kind of bag, but soft! And so far still in good condition! Love this bag alot! :D 

Little Sachi went on a road trip with dad the other day! She's so lazy (as the weather is really hot despite we staying in the car) and she lazily slept on my legs! 

This was when she's watching her favorite cars and vehicles past by. She likes to bark at motorcycles. We don't know why. But it can get quite havoc when she starts barking. #uncontrollable!!!

Working the other day for a private event as a waitress! The desserts were superb and the dessert chef is such an amazing guy! Never stop craving for his desserts despite so many years of working there! One of the chef I respect alot! 

Tidied my room up today! I did by parts! And today was the final part left! Found my cute domo which a friend gave to me! (Or is it my cousin who gave to me). I'm sleeping with it tonight! Have sooooo many soft toys over the years as my friends know I love dogs, bears and all! I have so many that I can even open a shop with them! No more space on my bed now :( luckily they knew my predicament and stop giving me soft toys #thankful #roomtoosmall some soft toys have to sleep in the storeroom as there are really too much! Feel so heart pain :'( 

I do talk to my toys once in awhile! #iamnotweird they are like my friends! :D

Found a ring from Clark that I thought I've lost it! Super bling on real life! It is a crystal made ring! Very summer-spring look which is great for Singapore! Can't wait to wear them out! 

#signingoff #charisseyl

Feel free to follow me on instagram at @charisseyl and ask me any qns there! I seldom use twitter! More of an insta person :D


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