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Pandan Chiffon Baking Challenge

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Just baked pandan chiffon cake today! It wasn't really that successful! Due to a few reasons:

1. I fold in the egg whites too long as I was trying to get rid of clumpy lumps of flour. It caused the cake to not rise as the egg white froths bubbles were gone due to over-folding. 

2. I am afraid the cake wasn't cooked inside thus I baked for another 10 mins. This caused the bottom and top layer to be dry.

Nonethless the taste was not bad! =) Pretty good! Just not fluffy =( Shall try it again. Meanwhile, here are some pictures. For folding technique, you can go my instagram @charisseyl to see! I have learnt it from! Recipe from there also! 

Please read through the recipe before baking! Because it can get quite confusing! Her steps in this are not numbered. So beware of which bowls you are using for which ingredients! 

Thanks sis for the ring light as birthday present! Took some test shots (as above)! Probably I'll do a vlog next time for skincare reviews! :)


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