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Monday, June 03, 2013

Loving the new blogger function app! Now I can arrange my photos and have text in between! Means easier for mobile blogging as well! 

Yes! I am a fresh undergraduate now! So happy! Yet it can get quite nerve wrecking as it means I am going out-of-my-comfort-shell into this complicated world of working environment! #stress (insert quote Gary from running man)

Pop by Sephora the other day and got this Smith's Rosebud Salve balm! Read lots of good reviews about it!

I kinda like it because it's smooth, not oily after application and helps with dry skin! I tried the sample at Sephora and was surprise how non-oily it was! This is sort of a petroleum jelly! Compared to Vaseline (which works well too), Vaseline is tat bit oily whilst this rosebud balm is not oily after application!

What more captures me is the vintage cute looking tin container and it's small and handy! Good for ladies to carry around! Bought it at SGD$16! If you are able to get someone to go overseas to get do u, do so! Else just get from Sephora! 

Met up with my old buddies and YJ recommended Okinawan Nirai-Kanai Japanese Restaurant at Liang Court! Liang court is situated near Clarke Quay mrt and you can take a walk from there! There are lots of Japanese restaurants there and even a Japanese Mart! Lots of people visit the mart and bought trolleys of items! #socrazyright

For those who followed me on Instagram would have known that I've been there! 

Those who havent, here are the pictures! We ordered the bittergourd (I love it surprisingly), pig's ears, braised pork belly, soba with pork belly, and crispy fried seaweed with onions! 

The bittergourd is not that bitter! I'm not a fan of bittergourd and in fact, would avoid it at all cost. However this took my heart away! Though I wouldn't finish the whole plate as it's still bittergourd after all! But I sorta spammed it! It's crunchy, stirred fried with eggs and some sauce that complements the dish! 

The pork belly is ever so soft! Should try it once, at least! However, be warned that the sauce is more towards the sweet side! Some people may not like that! However to me it's yummy! I love pork afterall! Love the soba soup with pork belly! The soup is yums! 

Pig's first attempt trying it! Not a fan of it! Ate just a little and abandoned the dish! If you are a fan of it, you can order them! It's cut into strips! 

Japanese seaweed with onions, fried. It's kinda too oily for my preference! Couldn't finish the 1-and-only I tried! However for first few bites, it's quite yummy but can get quite sick of it due to it being soo oily! 

Overall the bill came up to about SGD$90+ which boils down to $20+ per person! Reasonable! If you're a big eater, then probably it would cost more! 

For more pictures and detailed review, you can visit my friend's blog at He's a food blogger and gourmet! 

After food, we chanced upon this dessert cafe, Dulcet & Studio at Liang Court and decide to give a try! 

What I can say is, I like the strawberry fruit cake at the bottom right! It's their signature dish! Savory whipped cream with soft vanilla sponge cake, topped with some fruits like strawberries! 

The chocolate cake is for chocolate lovers but not that delicious IMO. And the layered crispy tart-cake isn't that good either! 

Total damage around SGD$12+! Not a must-try but their ambience is really good! Good for chilling out! 

Dad and I went out for lunch at Hock Lam beef noodles original outlet at 22 China Street! 

They have renovated since the last time Clark and I went to try! 

Surprisingly they have hot plates now! Reminds me of Pepper Lunch! 

I find their standard dropped tremendously! The portion of beef servings became smaller. And the taste isn't that good now. Dad said their soup taste not as good after a few mouthful which I agree! For $7+ per bowl, I don't think it's worth trying. 

Total damage amounts to SGD$23+. Kinda disappointed as previously I had a yummy good experience in eating this! Shall search for more good beef noodles next time! 

Just successfully pasted double-lids tape! Michelle Phan said to paste for 3 months and there will be effects! Hope I'm more conscientious in pasting! Nights everyone! 

Pray hard I'll get the job I want :( #goodnight

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