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Happy Fathers' Day!

Monday, June 17, 2013

My family had a BBQ with our relatives and friends on Fathers Day! It has been a great night out for all of us! Not all were present though! However, totally loving the bonding time we had together. It has been long since we had a BBQ. This time round, we ordered main food from BBQ wholesale centre. 

Fast forward (because I didn't take pictures during the BBQ hah!), after our BBQ closure, we went up to cut the cake! Sis bought 2 cakes (wow!) and I heard it's from Marble Slab. So expensive O_O 

The left was a sponge cake, mango flavoured. The right was a oreo ice cream cake. I super love the latter! It has a sweet vanilla ice cream, with a little vanilla sponge in it, mixed with oreo bits! Got to say, it's like a McFlurry cake!

A photo with the daddys! (Not all were Daddys obviously!)

Our group photo! Finally we have a group photo! Some were missing though. It's really great to take a group photo as a whole. And thanks Mum for organising this whole thing, preparing since late morning! :) Kudos!

Some of the photos taken by my cousin or aunt or idk who (camera's not with me at one point of time!) geez! XD

As you can see, Grace (my little cousin) really likes C as C is really patient with her! 

My cousins! :D

Grandpa. He's really comical at times, yet can be quite cranky due to his old age! Nonetheless, cute grandpa!

Got to upload this shot as my aunt really look very happy in here! 

Last but not least of this photo-intensive post, the cute little Tofu (pomeranian) who is so intelligent! And guess what, he dominated Sachi's bed! Lol! Well, apparently, they still can't get along with each other =( 

My cousin put him on the trolley *laughs*

There there. Bed successfully conquered. Checked.

The haze really getting bad, so better put on some mask (literally) and spam water!

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