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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hi there! It's really been a long time since I've blogged! My last paper just ended today! Imagine grueling months of struggling, cooping inside my cave room, and mugging my butt off. It's really been a great challenge these 3 years studying in UOL at SIM. UOL really increasing their standards and the amount of work just multiplied! However, I'm so glad this is over!

Reminisce the time with funny and good lecturers! Especially for Maths 1! Never forget Jonathan Peh for his great lectures! I got him for my PBF (Principles of Banking and Finance) and IM (Investment Management). And for these 2 subjects, I did way better than my other finance subjects! Awaiting my graduation ceremony (debating whether to go or not) next year, else I'm officially a undergrad, working adult!


Sachi has been down with infection/allergy recently. When she was still a little pup, she had a long infection at the side of her body. Poor her. For those who wondered who is Sachi, she is my family's dearest princess, a Pomeranian Mix. She has been showered with so much love and pampering every day that probably might cause her to be picky with food! We adopted her when she was 5 months old. And back then, like everyone else, first reaction was, "wa so black?" Haha!

Her favourite food is chicken! In any form, dry food, treats, or wet food! She love apples, pears, and hate banana. Sometimes we took some plain rice, mixed with plain boiled carrots and plain boiled chicken for her meal. And gradually, she start to reject her dry food. We had to mixed her dry food with her wet food, and she cunningly just licked off the wet food and leave the dry food there, and we are left with no choice but to throw the dry food away. Can't keep it of course.

With her recent allergy rashes at her thigh, my friends offered some solutions. Charlotte, who is studying veterinary, offered me some advice and things to look out for! Lingli, helped me with solutions and introduced me a cream that her grandparents used for their dog! Thank you girls *loves!*

Clara told me it could be due to her diet! And told me to try Wellness Core Ocean brand! I was skeptical at first due to the fact that we have tried various brands, from science diet to salmon (I think it's Fish4dogs or something, in blue pack, all from pet lovers centre).

Sachi's usual brand is Purina, Alpo. She used to love it but we didn't know that Alpo is the lowest quality :( Sorry chi :(

So Clara, owner of Goofy Pets, recommended Wellness Core Ocean, grain free. She told me it's better and her customers' fur pets love it! I was kind of doubting because I thought it would be like other brands that we tried before. However, we just gave a go, and took the smallest pack 4lb at $35! I would not say it's cheap at all. Given that Purina's Alpo cost $12 for like 3kg, and Wellness Core Ocean cost $35 for 1.81kg.

However after googling about Alpo, to my horror, it's not good for our fur friends! Example:

An extract of it: "Purina, Alpo is a very low quality dog food. Please switch her to a high quality food! Here is some info on dog food:

These are all foods that are low quality, that you should never get. All grocery store brands will be low quality.
Ol' Roy
Mighty Dog
Royal Canin
Science Diet
Bill Jac
Black Gold
Goodlife Recipe
Pro Plan
Western Family Brands
Kibble N' Bits
Nutro Max
Nature's Recipe
Natural Life
Pet Promise
These are all very low quality foods.

Here are some ok foods. They are better than grocery store brands but not as good as really high quality ones.
Canidae All Life Stages
Blue Buffalo 
Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul
Fromm Four Star
California Natural
Blue Organics

Here are some Great quality foods. 
Wellness CORE
Timberwolf Organics
GO Natural
Artemis Maximal Dog
Blue Wilderness
Horizon Legacy
Solid Gold Barking at the Moon
Taste of the Wild

So we got this pack from Goofy Pets which totally sells very reasonable price! Delivery charges at $10, if your purchase exceeds $60, would be free delivery charge! :) And I just found out that it is cheaper than what it is sold at Pet Lovers Centre (4lb at $44.94!!!!) Pet Lovers Centre - Wellness Core Price plus you have to spend $80 to get free delivery, else it would be the same at $10. 

The above is the pack that I got! The smell is way better than Purina's Alpo! 

Goofy Pets' Facebook in case any of you wish to go down to their shop directly (Think they got a store front!) 

Cheers for Fur Friends :D Love them!!

Meanwhile we'll monitor on Sachi's rashes. Pray hard that she'll recover soon! 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. It's because I feel that the price is so worth plus this brand really brings back Sachi's appetite and love for dry food! Learnt something new from this experience! 

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