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Shimbashi Soba Paragon Review

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thanks to C's research, we manage to chance upon this amazing Shimbashi Soba restaurant at Paragon Orchard. Here's a quick short review!

290 Orchard Road#B1-41 ParagonTel: 67359882Operating hours: Daily 1130-2200

You can see the price range in this menu! Of cos there are other pages that I didn't take photo of!

Service was very prompt! I love how polite they were and how quick they are in serving us. We didn't have to wait very long before our food come to us.

I ordered this Kamo Tsukemen Seiro where it has special duck in soba soup (hot) with handmade soba noodles, accompanied with the awesome non-spicy chilli and spring onion!

The Soba Noodles was really qq, and tasty. Not too hard like the ones I ate at other places. It's a different variation to the usual cold soba noodles I ate. The texture is not starchy yet it's really smooth. 

The soup was thick and flavourful. The duck is soooooo tender and yummy! Inside contains some vegetable (not sure what is that), mushrooms, tau pok, duck, egg! Some may find that their soup to be too rich in flavour or too salty. Not to worry, they provide this red pot of er water? 

I'm not sure what exactly it is but it helps to dilute the soup yet doesn't change the flavour of it. No matter how much I add, it does not make the soup lose its flavour! 

The amazing chilli has citrus tinge to it! If you love a refreshing burst of flavour in your taste palate, do try this! 

C had this vegetarian noodles as he's going for the healthy side, accompanied by wasabi! He even requested chilli powder to go with his noodles.

His soup base is much lighter than mine, yet very tasty! I would prefer the duck one as I love meat plus I find this soup a little bland for my liking (I don't really like fish soup cos it's quite plain thus goes for the same as this. Not a vegetarian person!)


 The chilli powder that they gladly provide!

Overall, I felt that this place is worth a visit. Definitely going back for more duck soba! 

My friends tried the outlet at Nex and 1 said it's the best soba she tried so far but definitely not the best in the world, another said soba wasn't good, not up to her expectation but she love the salmon! 

Food: 4.4/5
Service: 4.8/5
Atmosphere: 4.5/5 
(A little squeezy as alot of people queue to eat there! Space is quite small! But ambience is so Japanese!)

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