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Taobao Shopping!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

For those who are on my instagram/facebook/twitter would have seen this photo!

There are people who have been asking me where to get this skater skirt! Answer is - Taobao! There are lots of clothes and accessories even household products at there! I even got car washing cloth, sponge etc from there as well! 

For those interested:

Item: Skater Skirt, comes with complimentary belt
Got From:
Comments: It's pretty good and not thin at all. No inner lining but is of quality. It's rubberise at the back! Can match with any basics or pretty tops! :) Other available colours are in the link itself. Gotten Black and Red myself. It's a darker shade of red, more to maroon kind (the current season's). The belt is loose for me so I need to punch more holes myself using a belt puncher (not sure what isit called)

For those who wish to order you can order through The Marc Alley at here:

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