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OOTDs & Hair Trendz Salon

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I have been more frequent in using Instagram, a photo-sharing avenue for anyone. Many people share places of interest, daily quotes, daily happenings, or OOTD, known as Outfit Of The Day. Some may just put, OTD (Outfit of The Day).

Instagram have really good effects, I must say. Because a dull photo can brighten up and hide pimple, red marks and other flaws. Moreover it's small, even better! HAHA. So I fell in love with it! 

Decide to blog about some OOTDs that I have insta within these few weeks:

Top from Catwalkclose. Love this top because it's very versatile and the "waterfall" or ripple effect by chiffon material adds the elegance, or delicacy touch to the entire outfit. 
Belt from Taobao. I really recommend this belt because regardless of your size, this belt can fit. Because it's adjustable! I got it from this seller:! You can always adjust it to the size you want. Really versatile! For more other kind of belts, you can go to the seller page at
Skirt from Taobao. It's a bandage skirt but in cotton material. It's has some jagged kind of surface but well, very stretchy! It's cheap and comes in many colours! This maroon red colour is my favourite colour currently! Goes very well with black tops! 

Next, a dress from Taobao. When I posted this, people says it looks like Power Ranger outfit. LOL. I thought this dress would be good for working in future, matching it with a jacket/blazer! The quality is very good. Thick and very soft + comfy! 

Side track abit, I went to do scalp treatment & haircut at Hair Trendz Salon near outram station. My mum got groupon from them before and went back as a regular customer due to their:

1. Good service
2. Good hairstylist

I used to go Mystique at NEX which I recommend to my friends but seems like the standard dropping :/ I realise that in some shops be it salon, or other businesses, their quality would drop over time :/ Anyway, Hair  Trendz is pretty good. I think their haircut is not bad and affordable! 

The machine used for hair treatment! It looks like some outer space equipments. The shades are a requirement to wear to protect your eyes!

They recommended me this new korean curling brush/tongs that is really useful. I was so overwhelmed by it and tempted to get it! You can search youtube for the videos! It really stays and not hot at all to touch! Good solution for those who want to volume up your hair (esp flat hair!)! First the hair stylist tried on my hair and it's good! Then my mum tried, then me! Sorry didn't take pictures. We were so tempted to get it but didn't because it's SO EXPENSIVE!!!!! $250-$280 depending on the circumference size :/ Warranty 1 year given. So....I went to taobao and find it. Found the exact same one! x: Well, I doubt taobao gives warranty because it's from China! Alot products are from china! But at taobao is cheaper. Like $70+sgd excluding shipping! Less than $100 with shipping and everything! More than half the price! And has good reviews! So I think I'm gonna get from there! 

Some information on haircuts, treatments etc! My hair stylist is Sze Toh! He's really good and experienced! 

Click to enlarge!

So this is my hair the next day after the cut! Easy to manage, and bottom not chunky anymore! I applied some argan oil to the ends of my hair. Just 2-3 drops, spread on my hand, and apply at the ends. Do not apply to scalp as well, it's oil. You'll definitely feel very oily on top. It helps me to smoothen my ends and not so dry!

I went for Showgirl Boutique's opening ceremony at 100AM Amara. A newly renovated mall near Tanjong Pagar MRT Station! Super chio mall now! :D

Top from Showgirl. Love this lace plepum top that I can't find anywhere else! It's super classy and chic! Very good quality and has comfortable inner lining! Cover my arm fats too! Comes in black and white!

Showgirl Boutique
100AM (beside Amara Hotel)
100 Tras Street
(opposite GongCha)

Skirt from taobao again! x: The same skirt! So versatile right!
Heels from Charles & Keith! So far one of my most comfortable shoes thou it's rather high! 

Taobao spree is now open till 28 Nov 2012 to rush for CNY!

That's all! I can't wait for bkk! Hopefully I can be not lazy, and wear something nicer than my usual shirt and shorts and pinned up hair so I can post more OTD and share my loots with you all! 

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