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Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant @ Greenwood Ave

Thursday, November 01, 2012

So, yet again on a food hunt. My friends and I wanted to head to Kiseki for a last minute booking as a gathering/bonding session. However, it was fully booked for a Saturday night thus we decided to head for Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant, a food haven that people recommended and highly raved about it.

The place reminds me of abit of holland village feel, where it's more of like "atas" place surrounded by landed properties around. There is a pet store around where you can see people bringing their pets in for some purpose perhaps grooming or purchasing some items? There is a cold storage (premium I think) around the corner and other restaurants. 

As you can see from the price tagged in the photo below, the difference between lunch and dinner is quite a lot for me. It amounts to about $60 ($58.smthing to be exact) for a dinner A La Carte buffet. One word you can say, WORTH. Why? Because their food are all so fresh. Even oyster which I mostly try to avoid due to the fishy-taste to it. However, this one is so fresh that it taste so good. Photos coming up! You can see from the photo that dinner serving has complimentary items which amounts for the difference. If you don't eat those, I suggest you just try their lunch buffet :)

Took this photo cos it seems like everyone's taking this in their review. LOL.

Simple yet very clean furnishing, which gives a modern feel to the traditional Japanese restaurant we usually see in Singapore or Japan. As you can see it is either 4-seater or 2-seater, or individual. Anymore than that, you'll be ushered to their private room seating :) Smallest room can accommodate 6 people. Show you guys soon~

So this is the room we are allocated, Room 1. It is pretty quiet when the door is closed, given that we're just beside the kitchen. The rooms inside are further away from the kitchen but houses more people, so if you want that room, get more people to come here!

Here  is the size of the room. Captured this photo without them knowing. LOL. It's a sit down concept as in literally sitting on the floor with a cushion but it's sunken in at the leg area.

So this is the standard table setting upon arriving (minus the mini soy sauce pot at the top right). I'm quite particular about hygiene and cleanliness about the place I eat. Of cos I prefer to dine in a clean environment. I remembered few weeks back where the girls and I went to Compass Point's Canton Paradise Restaurant to eat and it was disastrous. Why? Cockroach on our table! And the waitress just took the cloth used for cleaning the tables, to catch the cockroach, and place it back on the counter! 

We were so hungry and started ordering lots of food. We avoided sushi because it has rice and will make us full very easily (guys logic -.-) So we stick to just sashimi, meat items, etc. 

First off, a highly-raved-good-quality-yummy-and-so-smooth-delicious-smacklicious Chawamushi with huge roes on top! It's sooo smooth and delicious. The roes burst inside your mouth upon biting it. For those who don't like to eat roe, you can just order the normal chawamushi :)

It comes with a small cute wooden spoon for you to savour. There are mushrooms inside, with some other items that I forgot what it is because I was busy eating all the food that arrive sooo fast. Yes, the food comes very fast. Love their service :) If you are a huge friend of Chawamushi, you will definitely love this! (Marie's favourite! :D) 4.5/5

Yes, the complimentary fresh oyster (as mentioned only for dinner). Seriously, I was kind of skeptical of eating this and C even asked whether he could eat mine given that I always don't eat. Even that time we went to The Line @ Shangri-La for his birthday, I skipped the oyster part totally (tried one) because it still has that fishy taste and smell. Only Tabasco & lime covers it which it's too spicy for my liking. Seriously this is one of the item that makes it so freaking worth for the price you pay. It's so fresh, the juice burst into your mouth, and I have no idea what exact they put for the sauce on the oyster but it compliments it so well that I wished to have a 2nd serving. However, it's only one serving allowed for the complimentary one :( The best oyster I have tried so far. 4.7/5

I totally have no idea what are these. but it's one of the items we ordered. I skipped the one with some pink thing on top because it is cheese with something else. I can smell it. Because later it's gonna appear on a scallop that the guys gorge it down and kept ordering it. Overall, these were average. We didn't order it again. I tried the brown on as well as the meat on the bottom. Overall, 4/5.

Buckwheat Soba Noodles! I love these because the noodles are QQ and the sauce wasn't so salty! Shallot leaves are put at the side which I know my friend would love it if she's there cos she don't eat Shallot leaves. Add a little wasabi to heighten your taste! Just order 1 for everyone to try because you don't want to get too full :) 4.3/5

I love seasoned octopus. Love it to the max as well as the jelly fish. However octopus pawns jelly fish. It taste the same as those you can get outside though. Just that, it's buffet! We kept ordering jellyfish and I kept ordering my octopus. Given that I love them, it's so yummy, rating gonna be high. If you love these that you ate outside, you'll definitely love the ones you eat here. It's exactly the same as outside no difference and still very yummy! :) 4.5/5 (Bias rating cos I love them all along, if you hate them like you tried before outside, then skip this)

Some of them was like, WHAT WHO ORDERED TAU GHEY?! Shawn ordered this. And it smells so so so good! It's even nicer than some sold outside and doesn't have the raw tau ghey taste. Not too salty and just nice. Do order them! :) Unless you hate vegetables at all cost. 4.4/5

Unagi with avocado on the top and a drop of mayonnaise. I don't eat avocado nor mayonnaise nor unagi. However given that the fact the guys and C kept eating and ordering this (especially C), it shows that it's yummy! C is a huge fan of unagi. If you are, ORDER THIS. :) No rating cos I didn't try. But if you love unagi, then order :D 

Soft Shell Crab! I recently fell in love with it! I always have this mentality that the shell is very hard despite being called "soft shell crab" and always avoided it! However one fine day, I decided to just try one and HOLY CRAB! It's delicious! Love this soft shell crab served here as many other places served cold ones because they prepared it earlier. For this, it was served piping hot and you can still see oil on them when they just got served. It's really hot so be careful before you eat them! :) However eating too much of this can get abit too greasy. Thus, 4.3/5 

This plate of beef cubes is yummy! The taste is good and medium cooked! Very chewy. However, it's a little tough and abit hard to chew. Those who have weak teeth please avoid unless you are a beef-fanatic! 4.2/5

All of us love this pork ribs. Why? It's so tender, and cooked to yums your taste buds! It's so soft, and the sauce that comes with it is so yummy. A little crispy on the outside which is perfect! :D Served hot and fresh! we ordered plates and plates of it! A must-try!  4.6/5!

Sashimi lovers, these are for you! I loveeeeeee sashimi! Especially salmon! And their sashimi is sooooo fresh! I have read and research that they state their food do not come from affected part of Japan. It's really super fresh! No fishy taste! Very succulent! Must order again and again! Tuna Belly comes as complimentary for dinner! :) 4.8/5

My oh my! Ebi Prawns! Their prawns are so fresh, crunchy and omg yummy! :D Dip in the tempura sauce and chew it away! Crispy and served hot! Good for prawn lovers! 4.4/5!

Lo and Behold! The King's Crab! Each person gets one piece. I skipped mine because I don't eat cheese sadly :( But the rest was gorging it down and raved how delicious it was. It looks so good and tempting! Why must there be cheese?!?!!??!! 4.8/5!

We ordered this again! I didn't eat because there's mayo! But judging from their feedback, it's damn good! Plus the waitress recommended it to us! It's PRAWNS with MISO & MAYO cooked together. It may look like this, but taste heavenly! Do order and try at least 1 plate! :) 4.5/5

Again, cheese involved. However, we ordered again and again AND AGAIN. Beware of the shells of these delicious scallops. Huge scallops, with the cheese (it's a cheese mixture with something). 4.5/5!

Okay, do not order this. Why? Cos it's so tough and hard to bite. This is the beef shoulder bone or something. Very very very tough. We didn't finish this plate. However, there maybe people who love this so yea. Not gonna give a rating on it. Because it's too tough. Taste wise quite ok. But I almost couldn't chew the meat off the bone -.-

This garoupa surprised us! It's garoupa with japanese soy sauce. SUPER ULTRA DUPER FRESH. Took us by surprise cos we didn't know what else to order and just randomly order some! Saw some reviews saying that this is good and yes indeed. Fresh and yummy. Not too salty which suits everyone! 4.6/5

Order this grilled prawns for those who don't eat fried food like C! Fresh and succulent! Yums! Not sure if you can eat together with the shell like oat meal prawns! However do order! :D 4.4/5

Pork Belly! It's like shao rou fan that shao rou! It taste exactly like that with the usual black sauce used in chee cheong fan. I think it's something you can get anywhere. It's nice yes. But nothing special. They added too much sauce so if you do order this, remove abit of sauce. Not that worth to order for this Japanese buffet you paid. Save your tummy for something else! 4.2/5 (Cos it's crispy on the skin and it's hot!)

Grilled Salmon! By the time it arrive, we were already full. Good for salmon lover! But I prefer salmon sashimi. I eat lots of steamed salmon at home with rice. But probably in a Japanese buffet i'll aim the sashimi first! It's fresh definitely! :) 4.3/5

Pork Loin with some sauce. Not worth to order. Tough meat (taste like tough chicken breast meat) and kind of dry! 3.5/5

That's all for the food that we ate! Green tea served was always replenished! The service from the staffs is good! They are very quick, fast, and efficient. There's a button in the room to call for a service staff for any assistance or ordering! Also, for those in group, you can request for separate payment i.e. pay individually to avoid confusion with splitting of bills. 

Service: 4.6/5
Cleanliness: 4.8/5
Ambience: 4.4/5 (because our room is beside the kitchen. Whenever the door opens it's a little noisy with that bit of disturbance)
Food Quality: 4.7/5 (Their seafood are really fresh!)
Accessibility: 4/5 (There's buses there but you've got to walk in by foot if you're not driving. 10 minutes walk!)

Would I go back there again? For lunch yes. Dinner is too expensive for me to visit again :( Definitely will go back if I crave for sashimi and seafood! However, I think I would use this amount to try other restaurants like Melts Cafe, Carousel, and many others which I have yet to try. I recommend to try just once? Lunch. Dinner if you got spare cash or like king's crab, fresh oyster (OMG THIS IS YUMMY), and tuna belly. Else, don't go for dinner. If you aren't picky about the freshness, then you can spam sashimi at Suki Sushi! :D

And yes, I tried googling but no avail. No one mentioned anything about that. For those who drive there, there are parking spaces there for free! It's along the side of the row of restaurants and shops ! Like holland village concept just that you can park as it's not very congested! Parking are usually full there. You can park at the landed property area at the side where everyone else are doing that! So no worries! :) 

They do have promotions going on with different cards ie standard chartered, posb/dbs, etc. They do change promotion everytime so do keep a lookout on that! This time round is pay 3 and get 1 free for lunch buffet by paying with standard chartered card! Strictly only for lunch buffet!

Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant Pte Ltd
16 Greenwood Avenue
Hillcrest Park
Tel: 6763 4939
(near National JC)
Parking Free

p.s. Sorry for blurry photos. Forgot to bring camera thus resort to phone!

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