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Happy 21st Birthday Lingli!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hello Kitty Theme!

Just came home an hour ago from Lingli's birthday party! She's already 21! A new stepping life for everyone because 21 marks the significance of adulthood! Many teenagers dreamt of that, perhaps they want to club, or work rather than study? Many many reasons. For me, I wished I was 17 :(

Above is the photo background for photoshoots and the wall background is simply marvellous! It's so sweet and cute! Idea all solely thought by our birthday girl herself! 

This is her beautiful cake designed by her! She got someone to do it! It's sooooooo pretty and cute! And I swear the cake taste fabulous too! Super yummy! Wonder where she ordered from. Top chocolate flavour, bottom mango! Nice nice! :D

Manage to capture this shot using my phone! Everyone was singing a birthday song for her! Super lots of fun! Especially with BBQ`ing! I love and super love BBQ! It's soooooo fun! I love making the fire BIG! LOL! 

Wish Lingli a Happy Birthday once again! May all you wishes come true! And God bless you! :)

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