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Seafood Internation @ BigSplash ECP

Friday, September 07, 2012

Here I am again, together with my family and my dearest grandma! This time round, my sister gave us all a treat at this buffet place as she just entered the workforce officially full working adult! First in our family! It makes me think, woah time flies. Maybe in just another blink of eye, it would be at her wedding woo! Anyone need bridesmaid? Can approach me! HEHE. I never been one before and I loveeeeeeee to see weddings! Such a happy occasion and definitely would help out all I can, giving in my all! *hint to my girl friends! quick get married! HAHA*

Seafood International is located at East Coast Park. Definitely with a good view and upbeat environment! Situated at Big Splash of East Coast Park, you can enjoy an Ala Carte Buffet Lunch there with your family. This restaurant was recommended by my cousin few years back, and we decide to give it a try. I must say, when we first tried, it was really up to standard. Lots of dishes and varieties. Food quality is quite good. However, as years past, they increase their price slightly and changed some food on the menu. Moreover, the more we visited the place, I realised that they have quite a few food lacking. Like my favourite mussels, it was not available on that day I went. Even the crayfish. Hmmmmmm............... My take on this, you can try once if you wish to get quite affordable buffet lunch and go for cycling later. Else, I don't really think it's worth going back another time. My friend feedback to me saying it's not nice at all. Yea, quality is not there now :/ 

Just for your curiosity, and information, the prices are provided above, as well as the opening time. Please do click to enlarge the image. Open image in a new tab! :)

And below is the menu provided for you. Do enlarge it for clearer view!

I have attached the directions and contact information of this restaurant too! Sorry but something's wrong with blogger's picture upload -.-

Considered being an experienced patron of this restaurant, I headed to the dessert counter first. The other times, I just ate the main courses and around 2+pm, ALL DESSERTS GONE. Left those I don't like which is very little. 80% all gone and the staffs do not replenish as lunch hour closes at 2.30pm. Dinner doesn't provide buffet. So they have to prepare the restaurant for dinner later on. 

I went ahead to grab my most favourite Red Bean Pancake. Of cos, their dessert counter aint very good. This pancake was already cold, quite thick in their skin which makes it very starchy. Red bean paste as per normal but cold of course. If you ask me to rate it, I would give it a 2.5/5. Obviously it's not the main component of the Ala Carte Lunch Buffet thus, I don't think they put much thought in desserts. Moreover it's a seafood restaurant. So this maybe frozen ones bought from suppliers? Most likely I guess. I maybe wrong though. Nevertheless, I still ate it.

The plate pilled up with kuehs belongs to my grandma. She's a very innovative and talented person especially in area of culinary. Thus, she always takes food to try, and experiment on how to make them at home without any guide or cookbook. Just based on her taste buds! She even made durian ice cream, ondeh ondeh, otah, dumpling (zhong zi), longveity noodles, etc for us! Love her foooood! These kuehs are toooo sweet. Really too sweet. And I don't really like Agar Agar. Rating would be 1.5/5.

I didn't/hate tomyum last time. Well, probably I didn't have to courage to try seeing such a colour. As I grew older, and it's because of C, he ate Tom Yum Mee Hoon Kueh (his favourite), thus I grew to love tom yum and thought why didn't I try it earlier! This time round, I ordered again! The previous time I was there, I ordered and shared with my grandma. It was good! However, this time round, it was rather disappointing. It's not that bad, just average. Has the basic tomyum taste - sour, spicy. However, it doesn't really seems to be that good. Something is lacking. And perhaps too many chilli bits around (which I'm okay but..). Can't put a finger to it. Anyway, 3.2/5 for it.

Herbal black bean chicken soup! Ahh, this soup is quite nicely done! It's the soup of the day. Has chicken feet inside with peanuts and black bean. It's good for body! My mum frequently cooks that for the family! They added gou qi zi (I'm not sure what's the name in english but it's the small thing they use in herbal soups and it's red in colour! It is said to be good for your eyes!). It's not very salty, and quite palatable! Rating 4/5. Soup of the day varies each time you come. So you may not get this soup on the day you visit this restaurant!

Only valid for one time order, Shark Fin's soup. You can see shark fin being provided in the soup (thick bits). This shark's fin soup is quite good! It taste just right without me needing to add anything. I'm not a vinegar fan so yea. I'm okay with this. No need soy sauce or anything. Just nice and yummy itself. And very piping hot till I scalded myself. Rating 3.9/5!

Soft Shell Crab! I have never eaten soft shell crab because I ate those oat meal prawns and had shells being stuck between my teeth and gums. So my impression of soft shell crab is the same! I hate getting the shells stuck in between my teeth, adding to the fact that I'm on retainers. However, upon trying this, even though it's not piping hot (rather cold in fact, which I suspect they prepared everything already and just scoop into the plate and serve!), it is delicious! Okay my judgement may not be accurate given that I have not taste any soft shell crab before in my life! But this is sooooooo yummy even though it is cold! A definite must-order! Even my mum also say it's nice! Rating 4/5. I did not give an even higher score as I have not tried soft shell crab as said earlier before, so I'll stick to 4/5.

Sambal KangKong. The reason I don't really like kangkong is that i hate the stem. It takes so much time to chew the hard stem. I prefer sweet potato leaves or spinach! Soft stem! Yummy! This sambal kangkong not up to standard as well. You can get better ones at chomp chomp or changi village hawker! Rating 3/5

Prawn/crab balls? Can't remember because there isn't any crayfish left thus they just replace with this. I feel they should have the courtesy to ask before serving. My brother and grandma tried. The rest was untouched :/ Couldn't judge this because I didn't eat. However, I don't think it's very nice as my grandma didn't really like it.

Abalone. One-time order as well. Love brocolli because it's healthy. It's basically just blanched brocolli. Abalone is decent. Well, actually abalone taste like mushrooms. A close resemblance is King Oyster Mushrooms. HAHA. Though the texture of abalone is softer and more chewy! The sauce goes well with the abalone! Rate 4/5.

Sorry for the chopped-up fish. Before I could take a picture, the staff dissected the fish already. Hmm, on the menu, they have 2 different types of whole fish. This time round, the fish isn't really that good. The sauce wasn't up to par. Fish is rather fresh. Rating 3.5/5

Drunken prawns. One-time order as well. Nothing special. Prawns are indeed fresh, crunchy and yums. The broth has lots of hua tiao wine taste. It's one of the nicest dish available. 4.2/5

Salad prawns. I don't eat mayo, so I skipped that. My mum commented that it's rather nice. So I reckon it's about 3.8/5? My mum's taste buds are rather traditional/fussy as she dare not try alot of food. Stick to the usual singaporean food. So, to get her to like something, is not easy. Haha! Thus I believe it's not bad!

Last but not least, the mixture of mushrooms with kai lan! I love this dish because of the mushrooms. They fry with oyster sauce and scallop which heightens the flavour of the dish and blends in with the plain tasting kai lan. However again, their stems are rather hard :/ I could just stick to eating the mushrooms only. The sauce is very very yummy due to the scallop fragrance. Rating 4/5

We ordered sweet shell as well (known as snails). It tasted nice like sotong. Didn't get a picture on that! Forgotten! Overall experience there was quite okay. There was a particular staff that was so attentive to us. Thankful for that! Food wise, standard indeed dropped. Whether it's worth going back again? I wouldn't as my family and I have been there few times. Now our favourite hunt place is buffet town! Going there for bro's birthday this coming tuesday! Woo! 

Everyone's taste buds are different. I spotted huge big groups of family eating there as well as family of 3-4s. I find it's a good place to go if you want to chill, relax, and have gathering as a big group. Make sure you do book in advance as it can get quite full especially on weekends. Book in advance for weekends! 

On a side note, been really busy these few weeks thus the hiatus from blogging. Will do my best to keep up! You can reach me @charbearbear for twitter! I'll reply you! or reach me at formspring if you just wanna pop by a Hello or ask any questions! 

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