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Sunday, September 16, 2012

I was at work when I saw 8 days posting on Apple Hong. From what I remembered, I think they mentioned that she left Singapore this year around uh, June? (I can't remember exactly when but it's this year) to China, Beijing to seek greener pastures! And they said she posted her recent photos of herself on her Weibo, and when I saw it, I didn't know it was her! She look soooooo different. Thus I went to google and search when I went home, found her facebook and realise there are her recent photos as well!

Disclaimer: I'm just stating what I saw on 8 days! 

So from what I saw, in year 2000

Then in year 2006 i think. 

In year 2011 to early 2012

Finally the recent ones!

Hmm, I can tell there are some difference in her looks now. She look like 20+ now! And of cos became very pretty! 8 days mention that she looked like Fan Bing Bing! Which on closer look, hey yea, quite similar. 

I think plastic surgery has become very very common. I know alot of teenagers went for it, in Thailand, Korea, or even in Singapore. Who doesn't want to look prettier and better? Even guys go for plastic surgery! When I went for holiday in korea about 3 years ago, the korean tour guide mentioned that their birthday present from their parents is money to go for plastic surgery during their 18th birthday or 21st birthday. Something along the line. I'm not very against plastic surgery though I don't do it myself. Unless you consider braces for teeth as plastic surgery LOL. I find that by beautifying yourself, if it gives you more confidence, then go ahead. If you feel happier, then go ahead. I heard plastic surgery can be quite addictive. And more amazed and respect for people who do admit they went for it. 

I read blogs on people who went for plastic surgery and they blogged about the process of it. Sooooo scary. I mean the after effect will be good but healing time takes long. Plus, it's not 100% guaranteed that it would turn our to be what you like. If it's slightly crook on the nose, you have to go back for another surgery and another round of pain :/ 

Of cos, for those who are afraid of plastic surgery, you can always turn towards make up. Make up does alot of wonders. I've seen one video whereby her skin is sooooo bad but after she puts on the make up, she looks as if she has perfect skin. Super good tutorial for those who want flawless make up. 

Here's the video below if you wish to learn from her :) She's amazing!

p.s. If plastic surgery is painless and scarless, I think I might go for double eyelid! HAHAHAHAHA. 

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