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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Ever got craving for cupcakes or muffins? Actually I don't really know the difference between cupcakes and muffins. However the ones that I'm going to intro is CUPCAKES! I know muffins don't look like this. I did want to bake some cupcakes/muffins however the paper cups are gonna be costly if I'm gonna bake by batches! Eat, and throw. Heart pain =( Especially if I'm baking cupcakes for the first time! 

So  behold this yummy cupcakes! My sister came home one day with these yummy delicious looking cupcakes (I took photo with my phone so it doesn't do justice to these cupcakes!), and she let us try! I tried it the next day and shared with my girl friends. All said it was sooooooooo yummy! I had the apple crumble one! (you can see the white looking ones, they are apple crumble!)

As you can see the above picture, the 1st top row is apply crumble crust with chocolate being the main act of it! I love this the most because apple crumble crust gives a super crunchy bite to it. Especially when I heat it up in the oven, SO YUMS~! Please do not overheat as you might charred the cupcakes! Inner is a soft chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips inside. It's not super-overly-flooded with chocolate chips but still quite alot that I had to stop at 1. If I ate a small piece of chocolate, i'll have sorethroat. I did tell my friends before. I ate a small bottle of nutella within 1-2 weeks. Yes I finished it (except left a tiny bit and couldn't finish due to....)! I ate like 4-5 nutella-spread bread everyday! Yes! EVERYDAY! I was soooo obsess with nutella because I ate it during stayover at MBS for my bestie's birthday! And I was like, SO LONG NEVER TASTE THE RICH CHOCOLATE AROMA OF NUTELLA! And immediately went to buy it. End up, my whole face break out! I never broke out at my cheek area, upper lip area, and rarely my chin area (below the bottom lip area). And after the mad obsession with nutella, I FREAKING BROKE OUT! *facepalmed*

My mum warned me about it and I just happily shrugged it off, and indulge in my own world of nutella. Thus, once I broke out, I stopped finishing the last few bits of nutella. Hard lesson learnt. And my friends were all shock why did I break out so badly. Even since then, my face started to take a bad turn. Now it's getting better, but breakout seems to be more prone around my cheeks area. Upper lip thankfully not. Maybe 1 in a long while? Fried food don't do me that. Only Chocolate. Evil chocolates :( Oh yes, I'll get bad sorethroat with just a little chocolate despite I drown myself in water hmmhmm :/ So now if I do eat chocolate, I'll stick to white chocolate. But I seldom eat them so yea..

Enough of my story! This chocolate cupcakes will be able to satisfy your cravings! It's realllly yummy! Affordable price (definitely cheaper than delifrance? starbucks? coffee bean? idk those expensive ones?). This cost $2 per piece (if i'm not wrong. I'm not sure if flavours do differ in price). I have eaten $1+ cupcakes and it definitely can't be compared. Just top up a few cents and enjoy this yummy cupcake! 

Below are the apple crumble flavour! Some had chocolate chip toppings to give a light chocolate taste with the apple crumble flavour! It's good for people like me who breakout with chocolate! Crispy top, with walnuts! YES! Apply crumble toppings have walnuts! I LOVE THEM! Not over flooded with walnuts but here and there! In within is apple cubes (duh since it's apple crumble) like those you seen in an actual apple crumble! 

For those interested to get, do go early! Else it'll be sold out I guess? They do sell other pastries too! 


Tel: 97525973

Rating: 4.5/5

Those who want to pre-order or anything I guess you can give them a call? Or some special arrangement or big orders for a party, gathering, etc? Enjoy them and give me your feedback! Those who have even better cupcakes intro, can tell me too! 

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