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Taobao Spree by The Marc Alley

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Taobao is quite widely known by many people now, especially girls! It's a shopping haven when you just enter in, choose the items you want, and submit your order through The Marc Alley! Taobao has extensive range from clothes to shoes, to electronics, to baby items, scarfs, anything you can think off, you can find from there. 

I recently gotten a thermos container from there to store hot food so I can bring it to school! Or even to a picnic! Got clothes from there, cheap clothes! And especially guys items for C! It's soooooooooo much cheaper compared to buying from retail stores! (Well of cos people say bangkok cheaper but cmon how often you want to fly to bangkok? If you go there on holiday of cos it's cheaper in bangkok. With 100 you can buy alot items from taobao just with your computer!) Of cos, the crucial tip to buying at taobao is to ALWAYS READ REVIEWS. For those who do not know chinese that well, get a friend who does and shop together! 

I gotten my camera strap, blower, and pouch from taobao as well! :) Anyway, sad to say, our most recent spree is closing TOMORROW 12 NOON 24TH AUG 2012! Thanks for all those who sent in their orders! For those who are interested, do check out our facebook page for more details! :) 

SEE YA! ^^

p.s. if you note some of C's clothes in the photos I posted on blog, some are bought from taobao! :) Will post more pictures soon when I got time!

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