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Johor Bahru Trip !

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yes! I have been to JB for quite a number of times since young. However to limited places like Tesco, Jusco, etc. because my family do not know the place well and did not venture much! Thanks to R and JC that I & C got invited to go along with them in this adventure! 

At around 6.15am we set off and arrived at JB around 7am? We ate Macdonald's breakfast. It was definitely different from the ones in Singapore. Their hashbrows were crispy and yummy! :) We waited for awhile more and went to Tesco/Jusco! After which we went to savour this yummy Bah Ku Teh (肉骨茶)!

For those who wish to go there, please do remember to buy the Malaysia's parking coupon. You can buy it at one of the shop houses beside this Bak Ku Teh eatery! The exact address of this place I'm not that sure because I didn't notice any name card. However, it's is near KSL. I can see KSL from where I'm eating! 

This eatery has an open concept. Simple and traditional. From the cooking equipments you see in the picture below, I'm sure you should already know about the aromatic old-times flavour of the soup that emits from the charcoals and add a tinge of traditional feelings while savoring the soup and ingredients! Best part of all, soup is refillable! :D

These are some ingredients they have like the nice beancurd skin that is crispy. They must have fry (not oily at all) it or cook it in a way that is yummy! Pig organs, etc! 

This should be pig trotters or braised sliced pork belly! 

The charcoal fire flame was on-going. See the traditional stove they used! My grandma house still has one! We use it to cook soup! Makes the soup very yummy! 

The soup base and the other one I'm not sure what it is. Don't you think they do give off a nostalgic feel? :)

For those who are interested in the pricing, here it is! :) See the extra food they have like toppings and how much you need to add!

This is the ambiance of the place. Simple, rather clean, old, yet good!

This is the aunty who is the one cooking! There's another guy cooking also! 

When you go there, never forget to order a bowl of Ai Yu Bing! It's like jelly with sweet syrup I guess? And Ice on top! It's very popular in taiwan! I have tried it personally in taiwan! C gobbled it uppppp! 

R took a warm chrysanthemum drink with ginseng! She lovesss it! Her taste buds are rather high so you can trust her judgement! :)

And finally, our hot pot arrives! We order the portion for 2 people I think? But it looks really huge!

See the dried beancurd skin! It's so yummy that R and JC ordered extra and told C and I to try it! Oh yes, forget to mention, C had his "brother-in-action" with him that day. JC's beau! LOL. Same age, same surname! How coincidence! That really boost his excitement that day! 

This is halfway eating it! And still lots of ingredients! You can see button mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, pork ribs, pork slices, etc. 

The cooking area again! :)

After filling our stomachs, we headed to KSL. Been hearing R raving about KSL and how cheap movie tickets are! We bought movie tickets at $4! (It's a steal!!) and watched Dark Knight Returns! :D Great movie! And definitely a sequel will sure to be out in future!

After the movies, JC and her beau went for Thai Massage while C went to colour and cut his hair (cost $46!)

This is him after the cut and dye! 

We went to Expo where they sell branded stuffs cheaper! He got some simple renoma shirts and belts that day! Happy man! LOL

Thanks to R & JC & JC's beau, we came to this seafood restaurant that they discovered last time. I never had seafood in JB before as we don't know the way! Really got golden opportunity today!

Lots and lots of tanks with sea creatures swimming around! (thou some do have sad expression =( )

The humongous fish that C wanted R to treat us! LOL

A weird picture of me by their miniature fountain/sculpture! Tired because only had 2.5hrs of sleep the night before! :/

Here's C again! Happy man! 

This is JC and her beau, J! Thanks so much for inviting C & I, and thanks J for driving all of us the whole day around! :)

The two types of chillis they provided! I ate the one on the right! It was rather nice! Not the best yet~! (sorry for picture distortion! Apparently idk why blogger has this picture upload problem and distortion these few days -.- Kinda felt annoyed when I have to keep upload to get the right one!)

The toufu that the guys wanted. And the girls being gracious, we gave in! :D It was nice though! :D Steaming hot! It has eggs inside and toufu, a little minced meat bits inside. Though ingredients seem little, however, the taste is there to satisfy your craving. It tasted just right, aromatic, and the toufu was soft! (obviously!) 4.3/5

This prawns was raved by JC and R. It is a milky prawns or something. Totally don't taste like milk but instead talked like oat meal prawns. You know the standard oat meal prawns with the crispy stuffs etc? Yes, it tasted the same! Just that it's in liquid form? Saw the curry leaves? It really enhanced the taste of the dish. Must try! Just that I hate peeling prawns :/ It would be good if they deshelled it though. However, people like C practically ate all the shells -.- So, yea. Each to their own preference I guess haha! 4.3/5 :)

Oh did I mention the prawns are really fresh? :)

Yes I love this dish! Because they do have a chinese wine taste in the soup! If i'm not wrong, it's spinach with salted and centry eggs bits! It's really nice and yummy! I lovee and super love spinach because it's soft. The stem is soft too! The soup is really good! :) 4.4/5

I love this sweet and sour fish! It's soooooooo yummy! R didn't like cos it's fried! She's quite health conscious! hehe! But the taste is fabs! I love sweet & sour sauce with any food! Fish is fresh toooooo! :D 4.5/5

Sweet potato leaves! It was really yummy too! It is fried with belachan I think! Little spicy yet aromatic! I love belachan! (small shrimps with chilli!) 4.4/5!

Last but not least, the sisters told me that this salt and pepper sotong is goooooooooooooooood! Yes, the garlic bits are super yummy (think is garlic!) and totally goes well with sotong! Just that too much of it will make you tired from eating cos sotong are harder to chew! But is delicious! Those who love fried sotong should try. I have tried fried sotongs/squids before and some of them fried it for tooooo long that the sotong became really hard! -.- This one does not! It's very chewy! 4.3/5!

Well, it sums up my journey for that day! Really had fun and it was the first time C & I went overseas together. Though it was short, near, but it was really one in a life time experience for us! Thanks JC, J, and R for this opportunity ! :)

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