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Saturday, August 25, 2012

I had witness this situation quite a few times already. This is what got me thinking...

I happened to be in Malaysia few years back where my dad drove the family in. Suddenly, at the traffic light while waiting, there was a loud siren sound from an ambulance. Almost instantly upon hearing the sound, we see cars all moving to the side (picture 2) to give way to the ambulance. And yes, I stress, ALMOST INSTANTLY. And this seriously got me WOW. It really seems as though they were trained or something! So organised, fast and instant! This crucially helped the ambulance and injured/casulties to be able to reach the hospital asap! 

I had not seen this kind of situation before (quite some years back when I was younger), thus it did really shocked me at how fast people react to it. And I applaud silently in me to the spirit Malaysians have! I was either at Johor that time, or at Malacca. (Can't really remember)

However, several months later, after coming back from Malaysia, I encountered this same incident but in Singapore. There was an ambulance in loud siren and red blinking light above it and yet, it was stuck in a jam! Some cars did not give way. Some cars did turn to the side like what the Malaysians do (Picture 2). And it got me thinking, is this because there were no education provided by the government informing our Singaporean citizens how to react when faced with such situation? Through 22 years of my life, I hadn't seen any advertisement nor anyone mention before, thus the shock at Malaysia when I saw how organised they were that time. Well, maybe there were such information being mentioned before and I did not notice? I'm not sure. Anyone heard of it before? Like some advertisement on what must cars/vehicles do when faced with an incoming urgent ambulance who need to rush the casualties to hospital? There has been many many advertisement on buses teaching people to give up their seat and all. But for cars to slant right/left to let the ambulance pass through, seldom heard of it. Maybe there should be a campaign or idk, advertisement like to give up seat on train or buses? 

As a Singaporean, I'm shocked at the way we react to such situation. It may not be our fault as some people know about that before? And when I took my driving license, I was not taught that way. I learnt it through encountering the experience. Some people may say "aiya common sense la" but seriously, I wouldn't even think of slanting my car (if i happen to drive) for an incoming ambulance. My first thought would be maybe letting the ambulance cut in front of me and slow down my vehicle? However, if the expressway jams (which is a very super common thing in Singapore especially peak ours), then I really do not know how to act. You can call me stupid or no brains, but I'm sure there are people who are like me. Especially new drivers! 

But why am I blogging this since it happened few years back? Because it happened today again. My dad was driving towards town area, orchard to be exact. It was around 10am where cars are quite plentiful probably because it is a Saturday and people are going out perhaps shopping at town, or somewhere around the vicinity. So yes, we were on the way there, and along the way, there was a turn in the road, (can't remember exact location), and there was 2 lanes, moving towards the same direction (picture 1). It was not pack-jam, meaning it did not jam for like half to 1 hour. But there was quite a number of cars moving rather slowly. There came an ambulance, super loud siren, bright red lights flashing, and it's so obvious that it is an A&E condition. My dad slanted his car to the side, and some cars did. However, about 50% of the cars did not do that. Thus, the ambulance was still moving rather slow. Instead of all the cars slanting to the left so that the ambulance can just proceed straight ahead, it has to stop, change lane, try to cut lane, yet another car's blocking, stop, try to change lane etc. 

What if the passenger inside the ambulance is suffering from a heart attack? Or just met with a fatal accident? Every second counts. A slight delay could cause a lost in his/her life. Just a small action from everyone could have save this person's life! Imagine it's your loved ones who need to be rushed to the hospital in the fastest time possible for an immediate surgery for his heart attack? How long can a paramedic hold him/her on? Definitely, reaching the hospital asap would help the patient with their condition, what more, if it's a very serious fatal condition that needs immediate-attention? 

Just blogging about this because I thought, why not spread the word to people so that we can know how to act in case of facing such situations especially when there are traffic jams or slow traffic! :) Our PM Lee mentioned in the annual National Day Dinner, "what's most important is to strengthen the spirit and values that make citizens proud to be Singaporeans." - to strengthen our HEARTWARE!

 Every kind act can save a person's life! Lets do it Singapore! :)

p.s. Sorry for ugly drawing :/

p.s.s Okay some friends did say if car stationary den maybe can't? Nah. When I was at Malaysia, it was a 2-lane road, no shoulders, and just beside drains! just a mini slight turn to the side, can actually allow the ambulance to pass through! Today my dad slant right and the car on his left did not slant left, yet the ambulance is able to pass through. It's whether you want to do it or not. Not whether there's no space, unless it's a single lane road. Even a single lane road is possible at times! My purpose of blogging this is to spread this act of kindness around, telling people how to react in such situations! :) If you can give way, please do! And I did not say most Singaporeans didn't. They did like a friend of mine mentioned in Youth Olympics we did give way! yes that's good! But perhaps new drivers may not know about it judging from what I've seen today! Or there are people who don't know about this! Clueless about it! So yea, just sharing  it around! :)

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