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A day at Marina Barrage!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

First of all I apologise for late updates. Been caught up with quite a number of things that I couldn't really take time to blog plus I don't really know what to blog about. Went to seafood international lunch buffet recently but I blogged about it before so I'm thinking should I blog again. Will do some editing to the photos first x:


It was a really fruitful and fun afternoon with the rest of C & my friends, having a picnic together at Marina Barrage. Been there quite a number of times and it's really always scorching hot. I even got a burnt before despite hiding under my mini umbrella. Thus, this time round, I brought a mega huge umbrella. Thankfully the weather was quite lenient on us, breezy day with huge clouds as our shelter. Only occasionally the sun came out and glared at us. Most of the time, safe!

This group of great people really wholeheartedly prepared this whole spread! C & I are doing sausages. But it was C who did it because I was having something on in the morning and couldn't do anything much! Beehoon & Fried rice with chicken winglet by Huiping and Larry, Potato salad by Manjing and Jiaming, Nuggets & Fishballs by Beeleng & Weijun, Apple crumble and Banana cupcakes by Lingli, Corns & Tidbits by Shawn, Fruits by Miaoling & Siyao, Drinks by Kevin! (Hope I didn't miss out any!)

Love this banana cupcakes! It's sooooooo yummy! It's soft and flavourful with banana taste! Definitely not those dry ones! Love them! :)

Sorry didn't take much picture of the food! Was quite worn out that day! Didn't join the girls in card game as I quite tired. Sorry! Not meant to be anti-social or any sorts! 

the girls playing cards! :D

and huiping brought along this childhood bubble game! C blew this and I quickly took a shot. (because after awhile, the bubble deflated -.-)

And the guys did crazy things like these..

this is cool right? LOL

End off with C's picture again!

Didn't have much interesting things to blog about so yea :/ 


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