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Trip to Johor & its premium outlet!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Lo and Behold! The Johor Premium Outlet. Mum has heard about this new place opened in Johor and decided we could just go check it out. Upon arriving this place, it looks really really clean, and the place is so serene. What I like about this place is that, it's clean, spacious, relaxing. But the crowd wasn't alot. There was quite little people there. They have overseas brands like our famous Armani, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, Burberry and many more. Also, they do have Malaysia's own brands like Vincci. You can get some cheap accessories and shoes that are on offer there! 

They do also have food outlets and beverages like The Coffee Bean and Starbucks. See how huge the place is, and being quite rather new, the place is really pretty and clean! :) The shops aren't really cheap. Oh yes, they do have Cotton On, Nike, Guess, there as well! Even Cotton On in Singapore is cheaper :/ So we didn't get anything much there. Except Sis and Mum got shoes from there, we got handbag pouches that cost around SGD8, and bro got some ring. Just some small items we got! That's all. The branded ones are quite pricey compared to Singapore. And the range there is much older range. Perhaps if you wish to buy back an old designs you can go there & try to find. 

we walked around half of the place and decided to settle for lunch. There are japanese, thai food, chinese, western. We settled for chinese food!

Tang Shi Fu looks quite sweet classy place. However not alot people went in to eat. More people dine at the Thai food restaurant. Being abit skeptical and doubtful about this place, we still went in to try! Well, don't judge by its appearance because the food is surprisingly nice! :) The service there was quite okay! Though some staffs didn't react when we called them. To the extent, we kinda "HELLO! EXCUSE ME!" and the lady just continue walking off O_O Didn't hear I guess. One of the male staff was good! very attentive to our needs. 

It's a very clean and comfortable place. Good for resting and dining in!

I know my pictures do not do justice to the food, because I'm using phone camera only. Don't want to lug a huge camera that day :/

The starter was just put on our table and we thought it was on the house :S But it's not! LOL. And it's okay if they were peanuts! But NO! They are some kind of weird veggy, a little crunchy BUT the taste is abit sour, and idk, just weird. Don't like it at all =/

This is what I ordered. Loveeee porridge! This is sort of like a MUI-FAN kind of combination! It has scallops, super tiny abalone (and i really meant it's tiny, like 1.5cm tall by 1cm width) LOL, and mushrooms, herbs! Love scallops in porridge because they always give off an aromatic smell and taste! I love them! The rice is nicely separated, totally not mushy kind, the salt level was okay, and it was really really yummy. Very piping hot when it was served to me. I love this dish! Dont' forget, there are herbal taste as well! Apparently this restaurant is like a healthy-concept with chinese herbs they use in their food! I think it cost less than SGD10. The price there was quite affordable. 

My sister ordered this ginseng chicken with ramen noodles and she totally heart this! The side dish you can see at the top right of the photo is braised pork and black beans. The braised pork goes well with the noodles, and the soup is really herbal. The seaweed inside is crunchy kind. Not the normal soft seaweed we have in soups. It's another kind, thicker and crunchier.

My mum, dad and bro ordered dishes and had it with plain rice. These are what they ordered:

Herbal chicken soup with ginger slices. Warning: it's VERY HERBAL. My bro didn't really like. But I love it! Very tonic for your body. The menu has description on which dish helps which part of your body etc. So you can choose according to that as well! 

The sliced pork belly is my dad & bro's favourite. We practically ate it till it was gone. The abalone slice provided inside wasn't nice :/ I rather eat king oyster mushrooms. However the gravy is superb, along with the meat and black mushrooms!

This is a light hearted dish in contrast to the heavy stuffs we ate as shown above. Of cos it's healthy. And again, they had abalone slices :S I love the brocolli ! :D

After our meal, we went in coffee bean to have cups of coffee. Not really coffee actually. 

This is our order. My bro totally love this Pure Vanilla drink that he ordered. My mum tried and she was like mmmmmmmmmmm yummy! I had my hot chocolate, and my sister had white chocolate ice blended coffee. My parents shared a large mocha mudslide ice blended.

The barista making my hot chocolate! :)

Premium outlet goes by the carpark paying machine. Where you enter, you got to take a ticket from the machine, and pay when you leave. It is about $3 per entry iirc!

After we left, we headed for Tesco & another place I can't remember. But I've got and must introduce you to this dish. If you happen to see anywhere in Malaysia, TRY THEM! It's total yums!

They have raw huge chicken thigh on your stone grill, with rice and corns served. Cook your own chicken and dip it with the brown sauce provided at the side. You can choose to put the sauce on your chicken while cooking. If there's not enough sauce, don't worry, ASK FOR MORE! I did ask for more because I totally love it! And at the end, I cooked the corn on the grill with brown sauce on it. It's SUPER NICE! Because the stone grill has chicken bits left over. So my corn taste abit of chicken bits with sauce. It's veryyyyyyy hot still, so be careful! Don't scald yourself!

My family and I had this when we were in Genting. I wonder why Singapore hasn't had this idea yet. Cos it's soooooooo nice and yummy. Easy to do as well! 

A close up on the chicken. It's really soft and tender! :) Oh yes, you can have the option of changing your rice to fried rice or french fries! They have others as well. Like beef, prawns, salmon, etc on stone grill! I love the chicken so I stick to it! :)

Must-try dish in Malaysia! Hopefully I can go there again with my huge-ass camera. Okay, not that huge. But larger than my phone duh. LOL.

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