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Photoshoot with Kismon!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

I realised I do have quite a number of pictures to blog about but, not enough time! Today, I shall talk about Kismon, a brandly new blogshop opened by a friend of mine, Lynette! Lynette has finally come back to us to Singapore! And with that, and her business mind, she decided to venture into her own fashion apparels online business!

Here are some back-of-scenes shoot! Being all new to all these, I kind of struggled with make up during the first shoot -.- I don't really know how to put make up. Except for concealer? My eyes are of different size, thus, drawing eyeliner is tough for me! :/ Thankfully I have a talented friend, Marie, who knew the knack for make up! And yea, my hair is messy :/

Serious at work while lyn captured these photos of us! 

We opened the front door to get ample lighting! We shoot using sunlight as we don't have studio lightings! Spot my cute bicycle! HAHA! Note to self: take bus better! It's sooooooooooo HOT to cycle! :(

Make up in progress! We are still not any way professional in everything so it's more like a trial and error! 

And this is Lynette eating! :D I would like to say that I love some of her basics! She's selling mostly basics to cater to different types of people! Basics is a must-have in our female wardrobe! I'm a super basics person when it comes to school!

Lunch time!!!!!  Thanks Marie! Love her :D She has been helping out so much with make up and all! I'm so thankful because the first shoot (without Marie), I sort of drew my eyes uneven ._.

Kismon is having her flea tmr! (okay is tentatively today!) And sunday at Queensway Shopping Centre! Do pop down to give your support! :)

This is one of the dresse I've tried! Very flattering dress, makes you look slimmer!

If you prefer some casual look you can get this top and pair it up with pants! :D

It was tiring for the shoot plus it's my first time doing a shoot! I'm totally inexperienced and have lots of unglam pictures in addition to that I'm totally not photogenic! Just see the clothes and ignore my face!

Apparently my birthday just passed not long ago and my sweet friends got this yummy chocolate muffin for me! I love it seriously! :D

Continue on with the shoot! Hate my messy hair! This top I'm wearing is a all-favourite scallop top! It's very easy to match! With a skirt or pants, and you're ready to go! Different colours are available!

This green top below is also another basics that Lynette is selling! It's a very slim cut dress and those who wish to hide their arm fats can get this top! Simple yet classy! :) Not to mention this top is comfortable!

Kismon has already had her 2nd launch at ! Do pop by her flea and her blog!

There are typically these 2 questions I've received when Kismon launched!


1. Are you opening a blogshop? 
Nope I'm not! :)

2. Is Kismon yours?
Nope. Kismon entirely belongs to Lynette! Marie and I are just helping out :)

Hope you guys can render and give Lynette her support! :D I don't have back-of-scene photo of her Skater Dress but it's super flattering! And the material is thick! :) She has them in red and black! (if i remember correctly!)


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