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My pretty cactus

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hello there! I shall brighten up your lives with plants! :D It's really a very lovely present from Nick who handmade this wine-glass filled with cactus! 4 of them! Been taking care of them, and talking to them! HAHA! I heard talking to plants helps them grow prettily! The thing is, watering them only once every 2 weeks! Wooooo! I love cactus in pretty glasses and nice deco! Like this one I have! Thanks Nick! :D

On a side not, the pictures seems little blur due to the fact that the file is very large and being shrink to fit this blog space! Didn't use Flickr to upload either! Maybe I shld remind myself to shrink the size of the picture next time! If you guys wan closer look on the cactus, you can click on the picture to enlarge! :) Right click and open picture in new tab! 

Super heart these cactus! It's really easy to take care! I have them right beside me! :) Anyone keeps cactus too? ^^

Btw I'm going to eat a Korean BBQ at Novena called Ssikkek! Ed raved about it! And Friday is the day to go in conjunction with Rick's birthday! I'll remind myself to bring the camera! x: Cheers and all the best for work today to everyone! 

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