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Japanese Toppings with Rice

Monday, July 09, 2012

I know I had to blog this soon, YES SOON! Because, Takashimaya Food Fair is only till 15 July! Which leaves about 5 more days! It is held at Takashimaya Atrium! 

I went to this Food Fair thrice - one with my parents, one with my girls, and one with C.

We finally got this after I told C how awesome is this Japanese Salmon thing that you can just mix with your rice and gobble down, and he bought it! :D

So this stall is around the middle of the whole food fair. and there will be like 1-2 middle age aunties there (depending on the day you go), and the Japanese director/lady boss might be there too! She's super nice and friendly. And when she spoke to me in English, I knew she was Jap. And later on, C spoke to her in chinese WTS?! I was like HUH WHAT U DOING SIA? SHE'S JAP! lol =.=

Anyway, they'll serve you with different flavours, depending on what you want to try. They have seaweed, fish&shrimps, vegetarians, salmon, scallops, AND SO MUCH MORE! Just see the packets on the table!

Please do pop by and try their salmon, seaweed, and shrimp! I didn't try the rest! Love Love Love the salmon. 4.9/5!!!!!!!!!

Reason of such high rating is because, it's super easy to prepare. Just cook plain rice, and add some of it in your rice and TADAH, that's your meal! Keep it in the refrigerator maximum of 3 months. The aunty told me to keep it in the freezer to retain its freshness! For those working adults who are busy, or anyone who prefers a quick meal, this is the way to go! And the products are all made in Japan!

This is how they will let you try. When C first mouth in the salmon, he was like OMG SO NICE! And he loveeee the seaweed flavour as well (he thought it was cuttlefish -.-)

This is how the packet looks like for salmon, inside contains little silver fish, sesame seeds both black and white, salmon (the orange bits) and a little veg.

For more detailed description, this is the sticker at the back of the packet. Each pack cost $15. But promotion 3 Packets for $40! You save $5!! Expiry date stated there for you as well! So do pop down to try even if you don't want to get!

There's the lady boss, sorry I secretly took the picture! So no clear pictures of it! And there were many people flocking at the stall! Including C. HAHA!


The thing is, they only have it during fairs. Like mooncake festival fair, food fair at taka, etc. Else, you can't even get these even if you go down their shop or call them. They are only available at special events. If you wish to get them, do give Chitose Nakmura-san, the lady in the picture above, a call! You can ask her where can you get these salmon or other flavours for rice and she can provide you with information to when is the next event they are participating in!

Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do! Ciaos~

p.s. pardon for the yellowish tone of the photo due to me editing it! Please do pop by and see the actual products and get free tasting! Eat to believe! :)

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