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Thursday, June 14, 2012

I have an awesome friend who is so good at design, arts, blog, etc! She's MICHELLE! She helped me do up my current blog template which I love it so much. Why? Because it's something I wanted, Big post page to accommodate big photos when I blog, she just extended the width of my side bar so my instagram can be seen fully! She inserted "older entries" and "home page" so that you guys can move around my blog easier! My most love is the huge banner I have. Okay I seldom take photos. I mean, no one really take nice photo of me cos I'm ugly -.- So I'm sticking with this photo till I can get nicer photos to design a new banner. 

First of all, I added this new link column on  "All about food" I love food and try different kinds of food recommended. I don't eat those fine dining, nor, too expensive because, it's TOO EXPENSIVE. LOL. So mostly more affordable. It depends too. 

Also, Michelle added this home page link that you can click to directly go back main page! 

Not forgetting this "Older Entries" page as my archives somehow failed (Idk what html code to use thus it didn't work), and I preferred this "older entries" link! Thanks Michelle for helping me add in! 

Yes not forgetting to credit her! Design and coding all done by her and her! Even what colours I wanted, and the size, the design! She did for another friend of ours too! Simply awesome and talented girl! :) Very very nice person too! Thanks Michelle! :)

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