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Ramen Champion at Bugis+

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yes again, thanks to my friend who introduced me so many good food! This time round, it's Ramen Champion at Bugis+ top level. (Used to be called Illuma). Japanese Food *YAY!*

Bugis+ has renovated and the shops around are so much nicer! Love that place. Sephora store is HUGE! And they have New Look there too! I was *wahhh`ing* all the way! Didn't really walk around much! Shall do it with C when he has his off day and is energetic to go out LOL. 

Back to ramens! Ryan told me that amongst all other stalls, this ramen is the best! Apparently, Ramen Champion follows Marche style of business where they issue you a card and you just use that card to get your food, and make your purchase at the cashier when you exit. 

This is the card provided by them.

And other ramen stores you can choose from! 

So yes, this is a clearer picture of how the stall Ikkousha looks like! I have enlarged the side banner for you guys to see. Please do click the pictures to enlarge them as I know it's small! 

I ordered the first one on the menu, the biggest picture one. It comes with a normal regular size bowl. Noodles are rather chewy, love the thin slice of pork inside, and the garnish of shallots, and black fungus? (idk, the black stuffs, it's nice!), and a WHOLE EGG.

The soup is very rich in flavour, and rather salty. So you might feel very thirsty after eating it. Ryan finished the whole bowl scrapped clean! I was rather full, thus, didn't finish all but almost all! The egg is a definite love. I don't eat egg yolk because it's quite thick and meshy. I prefer egg white. However, this half-runny egg yolk doesn't run into my soup, yet, when eaten, it's soft, and super nice. Totally don't have over-powering egg yolk taste. I love their egg! 

Overall, I do recommend you to try, however maybe you wish to share a bowl with your friend if you find it too salty! From what I know, ramens are rather salty. So if you don't like salty stuffs, then I wouldn't recommend. Else, if you love ramen, you definitely should try this! They have other types as well, including spicy ones! Do give me a comment if you do try them and tell me if you like it or not! 

Rating: 4/5

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