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Nivea Whitening Sun Protectoin Collagen Protect SPF 30++ & SPF 22 NonSticky Review

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I have 2 products to rave. I was out with C and wanted to get a body sunblock. Saw Nivea Sun Whitening Immediate Sun Protection Collagen Protection SPF 30++ Non Sticky Formula, tested and bought immediate! :D

Anyway, C patted my hands after I put it to see if it's really non-sticky. Hell YES! It feels like NOTHING was applied on my hand. Used it for few days and love this product alot! I really hate oily sun blocks and this is totally light. 

What attracts me more is that I wanted a sunblock with WHITENING and it even comes with COLLAGEN PROTECTION!!!!! Moreover, it has INTENSIVE MOISTURIZING as well! 4-IN-1. How great can it get!

It cost around S$18.90 at Guardian and Watsons do sell it as well! This can be found at the skincare (usually for face) area.

Here is the picture of it at the back. You can read it. Click this picture to enlarge. The liquid is white in colour. 

 I initially thought it was for body, so I used on my body. After googling, I realise it's for face. Thus, I googled to see if there is one for body. and I'm SO HAPPY THAT I FOUND IT! It's a very HUGE bottle, much bigger than I expected. 200ml! (The below picture!)

As you can see, this Nivea Body UV Whitening Serum SPF 22 with 95% Vitamin C deeply penetrates to repair dullness! It's a concentrated serum! And the formula is soo light that I love how it's really non-sticky and very useful! 

You can read at the information below :) This product cost $9.60 from Guardian! This is at the sunblock area!

I introduce to my mum and cousins. Let them try. And their reaction is the same "Wa really feel not stick, feels nothing at all!" after they applied! 

Today I bought B-liv Off with those head for black and white heads! Heard raves about this product. Thus, I decided to get it and give it a try! Hopefully it really works! 

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